because what better is there to do on a cold Jerusalem night…

Post comments with links to your favorite youtube/googlevideo hava nagila clips.

Some examples:
Bollywood Hava Nagila!

Thai Hava Nagila!

This one’s climbing the charts in the UK

and my personal favorite, because I’m from Texas, of course:

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  • Oi vey,

    Asians (South-East and Far East respectively) can be mad flaky/corny (I can safely say that as a Filipinit with Sephardic roots from S(Th)pain).

    However, with Israel increasingly looking Eastward (rather than relying on the West’s Babel Bubkis) for economic support/defense purposes (i.e. the Indo-Israeli cooperative), Asians are no joke. Now if only military-Giant/She Man, China would join this immeasurable defense bandwagon. They’re gonna have to rid themselves of the worship of Mammon (their burgeoning currency) to recognize the strategic benefits of supporting Israel. Shirley, the Mooslims would think twice about confronting Israel on a broad scale (1967 revisited), what, with Israel’s 2 billion+ East Asian Hobbit Khaverim standing beside her: packing Uzi-Chopsticks and Tactical Nunchucks no less…

    Culturally-speaking, East Asians have little tolerance for rebellion and will quell any uprising deemed justifiable – utterly, without Rakhamim and diplomatic hot-air maneuvering, unlike the sissy West. My Abba and Ima can vouch for that=)

  • Is it me, or does the song’s ubiquity make you want to hate it? I’d rather prefer the techno version (the one without words) or one of many Israeli renditions of “Ma’aminim B’nei Ma’aminim”. (speaking of which, does anyone know where I can find the techno version of that song?)