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According to StarPulse.com Amy Winehouse is following in the footsteps of several of her Jewish co-religionists and is planning a holiday music album in collaboration with Grammy-nominated DJ and Rebooter Mark Ronson. Described as an attempt to bounce back from her recent troubles, Ronson had this to say:

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, “We’re talking about making a holiday record, with Christmas songs on one side and Hanukkah songs on the other. She’s got songs called, like, Kosher Kisses and Alone Under the Mistletoe. She was kind of f**king around, but I was like, ‘You have all these amazing records to play for Christmas, like Motown and Carla Thomas and the Charlie Brown Christmas, and unfortunately, us Jews have nothing that cool to listen to. So we should do something.”

Winehouse is expected to fortify herself with some Hamentashen and enter the studio with Ronson sometime in the next couple of months. I’m pretty sure the Maccabees would not approve but heck, whatever keeps her off the juice, know what I mean? Never mind the rumors of her impending divorce from non-MOT and current jailbird hubby Blake Fielder-Civil and nix rumors of an affair with Hebrew Hottie Ronson too. Blake just says shit when he’s angry and Ronson is way into his girlfriend Cosi Theodoli-Braschi. Anyhow, here’s Amy and Ronson collaborating on Version Ronson’s latest album. The song is Valerie and is completely devoid of any religious sentiment:

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  • yeah, sounds cool. but as the brits say, “not bloody likely”. considering she’s on the front page of BBC news site today because she was filmed over the weekend smoking crack, snorting blow and also apparently x…

    i mean, i’m not anti-drug per-se, but she goes way beyond ‘recreational’. when i was a kid and wished for young, hip, Jewish role model that wasn’t a doctor, lawyer or scientist, this isn’t quite what i had in mind.