Okay, this post is really just about an early birthday present that Aharon Horwitz appears to have received, but I felt awkward saying happy birthday to him without acknowledging the New Year to the Trees, Tu B’shvat. I don’t actually have anything to say about Tu B’shvat though. Someone else, step up.

aharonarielgraffitti.jpg, a few days ago–we think–the tag below began appearing in Jerusalem, mostly in the shuk, Nachlaot and downtown. There is graffiti, artsy graffiti, all over this city. Some of it is, as Esther points out in My Urban Kvetch, obvious in its meaning: “Meat=murder,” “Die Lucky Bush” (a play on words: di l’kibush is Hebrew for “enough of the occupation”/”end the occupation”), etc. No one can figure out what this one means or who did it. The photo below is from inside the apartment building where Aharon’s brother-in-law lives, which should give some leads as to the identity of the artist, but so far, they’ve all gone cold. Ideas about who did it or meaning?

AlephAleph, as I’m calling this homage to Ariel Beery and Aharon, is now officially in my list of favorite graffiti in Israel. Number one for eternity, however, is


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  • I was gonna post about this too because I saw the graf in the shuk and all over nachlaot today. I knew it was the dynamic duo right away because it seems to be based on a photo I took of them at ROI!!

    See the Jewlicious Flickr page.

    So I’m uh flattered and/or impressed. Happy Birthday Aharon btw and happy tu beshvat.

    BTW I could not have done this because I was otherwise occupied with taglit-birthright related issues. Just for the record.

  • ck, howbout sending forth the Jewlicious Octopus to find out who the culprit is, eh? (ps from what I hear it is NOT a certain red-haired someone who likes to hang out in the shuk)

    And thanks for happy bday wishes, jewlicious. now if only i could get a cool tshirt…..

  • Hell no, Aharon, you’re not getting a t-shirt before I get one. I’ve only been posting here for 3 years so you have a hell of a wait on your hands. Happy birthday.

  • Jeebus TM. Pick a shirt, any shirt and I’ll have it sent to you right away. As for the Jewlicious Octopus, well, whoever tagged Jerusalem with the likeness of Aharon and Ariel is free to offer an explanation here. IP addresses will be kept confidential. Frankly I’m kinda curious myself…

  • No, no. Not seriously. But flattered, always feel flattered.

    ck, you’re shirts are legendary. That’s all we’re saying….

  • TM – I will seriously send you the shirt of your choice if only to never ever hear that refrain from you again. I suspect you won’t take me up on my offer because you secretly enjoy torturing me.

    So? Any news on the mystery? Just walked past another tag in the shuk. Nice.

  • ck, I’m sorry if you’re embarrassed, that was not my intention. It’s not as if I’ve given you a t-shirt in all this time. Besides, in the past, the lovely wife of R. Yonah has taken care of the t-shirt gift situation impressively.

    Regarding the pleasure of torturing you, when was the last time I posted something about Orthodox Jews that ruffled your feathers? You see how I take good care of you?