BikkurimNYC, Center of the Jewish World?

Maybe. One could make that argument. There are certainly lots of Jews there, also, lots of Jewish stuff – religious, cultural, all kinds of events and activities. Much of this springs up organically, given all the Jews, but some of it, some of the most innovative, dynamic and exciting aspects of Jewish life in New York happens because it was nurtured. In an incubator. And who has been the very best incubator there is? Why none other than Bikkurim.

Based out of New York, Bikkurim seeks to energize and enrich “the North American Jewish community by finding innovative Jewish ideas and nurturing them to sustainability.” Following the business incubator model, Bikkurim offers New York based Jewish innovators office space, technical assistance, networking opportunities and even some cash. So if you think you have the next JDub Records, Heeb Magazine or Limmud NY (all current or past resident groups) please begin your application process NOW. Your pre-application is due Feb. 1st!! Otherwise, if this post is too late or if you totally missed the Bikkurim banner that’s been sitting on the side of the page for the last two weeks, well at least check out the very informative Web site so that you can prepare for the next round of applications.

Or simply gasp in awe and wonder at how New York’s Jews continue to produce such interesting stuff. Well now you know!

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  • Wow, *all* of North American Jewry’s innovation will come from NY? How backwards can a silly Jew-boy from Silicon Valley be?!

    Anyone interested in opening the NY office of the Jewish New Media Network?

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