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The US election campaign is stirring discontent in Nevada, with religious groups saying they will be excluded from voting because Saturday’s presidential caucuses take place on a day of worship.

Jewish groups and some Seventh-Day Adventists have both complained that followers will be frozen out of the Democratic and Republican caucuses because they take place on the Sabbath.

“To schedule these caucuses with no consideration whatsoever for the needs of Sabbath observers effectively disenfranchises a growing portion of the electorate,” said American Jewish Committee counsel Jeffrey Sinensky.

Sinensky said in a statement that because there were no provision for submitting absentee ballots, anyone observing a Saturday Sabbath would not be able to take part in the caucuses.

The Saturday scheduling could affect as many as 60,000 Jews in Nevada.

Adventists — who number around 5,000 across the state — have raised similar concerns. [Full article]

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  • No worries about violating the Sabbath– what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  • I think that in a country where 80% of the population regularly attend religious services, the organizers of this caucus should have been more considerate by e.g. opting for a two-day ballot.