. . . you learn that the Jews are responsible for the false treatment of cancer patients.

THE JEWS have killed two billion people with morphine, chemotherapy and radiation treatment according to the so-called “The New Medicine” cult that has begun to establish itself in Norway. It preaches that cancer sufferers should eschew conventional treatment in favour of therapists who “heal”, while the patients cough up the cash.The New Medicine is the creation of Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German who has been prosecuted in several European countries for illegal medical practice. Despite this, he has had clinics in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria and The Netherlands and claims to have treated over 200,000 cancer patients.

His main cranky idea is that science is wrong about the causes of cancer. Instead he asserts that all diseases, including cancer and Aids, are the result of trauma and shock. So smoking cannot cause cancer. Rather, Hamer claims, it is the fear of smoking-related cancer that makes us sick.

But Hamer does not stop at this. He claims anti-cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and morphine are not only useless but kill the patient. Therefore, the terminally ill should not undergo these treatments.

Hamer goes on to allege that his ideas are well known to Jewish scientists but that they deliberately withhold this information from the rest of the world. He accuses an international Jewish conspiracy, bizarrely led by the Pope, of having killed two billion people by hiding the truth about the New Medicine which, he suggests, can heal 98% of all cancer cases.

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