norcal busYes Jewlicious Festival is around the corner and you might get an email or a phone call [yes!] or a message on Facebook reminding you to buy your tickets. That is the work of a dedicated group of students that make up the core of our Jewlicious planning committee. Just today the group spent hours pouring over emails and making phone calls getting the ball rolling on the best weekend around for Jewish students.

Tomer Altman, AKA the Oyster, has volunteered to be the coordinator for Northern Californians that are making the pilgrimage down. Last year a bus, underwritten by Sonoma Hillel, brought down a few minyanim of students from all parts North. Tomer/Oybay and Sonoma plan on another bus this year. You will want to speak with him and your local Jewish campus org. about coming down on this magical mystery tour: Tomer can be reached at [email protected].

Tomer awaits your email if you are from NorCal and want more info about Jewlicious and want to get yourself a place on the bus (s).

P.S. If you live in SoCal, and are thinking to just show up the day of and buy a ticket – think again. We cannot promise there will be any tickets left for the weekend. Yeh, it doesn’t sound spontaneous to plan so far ahead – but it is worth it. Drop $36 tonight on a ticket and don’t worry about having work to do.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Awww… thanks for the love, Rabbi Yo!

    I’m the one with the green arm band. ChallahBackGirl is the one with the “Your Logo Here” t-shirt. 🙂

    If you want a lift on the NorCal par-tay bus, hit me up…

  • I didn’t come with the NorCal bus, but was the recipient of a much appreciated bagel when they arrived. If you’re lucky and make the request, I suspect transportational carbohydrates will once again be possible.