[UPDATE: The 60 minutes piece was very well done. 60 Minutes showed the monumental efforts to keep Siegelman out of Alabama politics. How the Federal prosecutor, Laura Canary, that led the charge against him, is the wife of the campaign manager of Siegleman’s opponent in the 2006 Governor’s race. How the main witness against Siegelman was a criminal who lied in order to get a reduced sentence on other charges. How Washington intervened and began to systematically investigate anyone connected with Sielgeman, without cause. How Siegelman never got a dime from the alleged bribery, was never accused of taking money, and was treated like a violent criminal—instead of the popular and successful Governor that he was. And last but not least, how the Justice Department has not released any documents on the case—all members of the Justice department and the Bush White House have refused to testify to congress about the case of Gov. Don Siegelman. See themiddle’s links for more info.]

60 minutes has taken up the issue of why Gov. Don Siegelman sits in a work camp, why Karl Rove and other wanted him taken out of politics, and the dirty stuff that still goes on in the “Justice Department”.

Below is a letter from Dana, his daughter.

Dear Friends,
While we might not have the support of Attorney General Musakey (just yet), the House Judiciary Committee and the media are fighting by our side. 60 Minutes is expected to air this Sunday, February 24th. The special report will expose the misconduct of many. It will also explain in great detail the injustices my dad has incurred. Please encourage your friends and family to watch this important message. Please invite at least one person that knows little to nothing about the situation to watch 60 Minutes with you. Lets use this opportunity to get as many people riled up and ready to fight as possible. This sort of corruption will be stopped in 2008. Try to have paper, pen, envelopes, and stamps ready for your guests so that they may immediately write their Representatives and Senators about this matter. All of you have been amazingly supportive and valuable in helping to free my dad. We cannot give up, even after he is released on appeal, the real fight is not finished. It will not be finalized until we have someone in presidency we trust, and the Department of Justice is swept clean of corruption. Please help me spread the word about watching 60 Minutes. The show is set to air Sunday, February 24th 7pm ET/6pm CT/7pm PT.
Thank you for all your help!
Dana Siegelman

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  • I’m a sixty eight year old African American woman, who has fought for civil rights all of my life. I was outraged about your father’s situation and have e-mailed all of my friends who might have been watching the awards. I had never heard of this case. I’m not wealthy, but do you have a legal fund for your father? If so I would like to send a contribution. I hope the next Dem. president will make this a priority. Stay strong.

  • And Jews wonder why they’re accused of dual loyalties.

    When discussing Israel you ask why the pro-Palestinian side doesn’t care about other victims in Dafur, or the Kurds in Iraq…… and you use it to imply that they single out Israel and are there fore anti-Semitic.

    You only care about Jews, and leftist Jews at that.

    What about Ramos and Compean? I guess doing civil rights works for Mexicans just doesn’t cut it.

  • Sorry “Barry,” but among your many anti-Left comments on this site, this was absolutely the stupidest.

  • I watched this last night, and, though I had heard a little about it, I didn’t realize just how outrageous this case was.

    What is so frustrating is that this story is getting no coverage in the press, Sixty Minutes notwithstanding. I’ve been watching television and listening to the radio this morning, and so far I haven’t heard a peep about it. Is this why Dan Rather was set up… to relegate CBS to the dustbin of Media irrelevance?

  • Strong response there TM!
    Ad Homenium attacks are really in style these days.

    Tom, are you seriously claiming that Dan Rather was set up?

  • His wife is Jewish, he’s raising his children Jewish. The family is involved in Jewish life.

    If Rabbi Yonah says he’s supporting Siegelman on merit — and the fact that he’s a Democrat governor on a southern state, with Jewish connections is irrelevant — I believe Rabbi Yonah.

    But even if he was supporting him for the wrong reasons – its still a step in the right direction – compared to the racist, gang-banging, multiple murder that Rabbi Yonah so passionately stood up for before.

    Siegelman didn’t kill anyone, didn’t rape anyone – its not that big a deal.

  • Adam, why did you forget to use the Barry Races moniker? I take back comment #4 because your last comment was your stupidest ever.