its on once again and just how you like it!

During the Sephardic Music Festival, dj handler threw an afterparty for the big Hadag Nachash show that Birthright and JDub put together as part of The Eight. The show was great and very well attended. In fact check out the photos for yourselves (click here) . But it was the after party that took the night into classic zone. Every single person got down and danced all night as if it were a house party vibe in an east bushwick loft (circa 2005). Well, some of the schools that co-sponsored the party at Drom got anxious to make it all happen again and so it will be!!! This saturday night at Drom one more time, you get the chance to get down and dance for just $5 bucks (even your Bubbie would drop them bucks!). Doors open at 10pm. They generally sell out very fast, so get in when you could!

see you then!

Drom is at 85 Ave A between 5th and 6th
p.s. special guests for tomorrow night include Smadar, Y-Love and DJ Balagan!!

click below to see the rest of dem Photos!

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  • Muffti isn’t one to judge by appearances, and is blondish-green eyed himself, but does the crowd not look like a bunch of drunk aryans doing the ol’ seig heil salute with a big smile?

  • Doesn’t anyone care about copyright laws? This was obviously lifted from the Abba website.

  • No wait. The party was by/for Ezra USA, some kind of group that is like religious and services Russian Jews, many of whom were naturally blond. Now here’s the thing – don’t they have bars on Brooklyn or New Jersey? I mean why shlepp into the city if all you’re going to do is hang outwith people who are where you’re from? Why? Why?? And while your dad may have indeed been incarcerated at Lubyanka, this does not mean that you yourself are also a gangster. Wearing your ball cap sideways, harassing the doorman and calling your buddies “Yo Nigga” does not make you a gangster. It makes you an asshole.

    But still, Handler spun some good toons, the vast majority of people were well behaved and unlike mosty Jewish singles parties, there were both kippahs and hot babes in the hizouse.

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