The press coverage of Jewlicious Festival 4.0 Long Beach/LA just keeps building and building. First there was amazing coverage in the OC Jewish Life at the start of the month. Then things got rolling with LA’s Jewish Journal. Then we hit stride with OC Weekly, and LA Report, JamBase and others. This week we exploded—The LA Times choice calender listings, Jack FM running radio spots about this amazing festival, OC Weekly major attention, and making the front page of tonight.

We are overwhelmed by the attention and that so many of Angelenos, OC’ers, Long Beachers are hearing about this event. Its astounding. Fully 30 news outlets are expected to cover the event. This piece by has to be one of the best yet:

Get ready to schlep your kishkas to Long Beach because this weekend is Jewlicious 4.0!

Picture throngs of young Jews wandering the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, but instead of the desert it’s a gorgeous campus, and instead of a biblical trek, it’s only for the weekend.

Now imagine that some of the throng members are high profile professionals like Matisyahu, Tahli Miller and Heeb Magazine publisher Josh Neuman, and what you’ve got is a good ol’ testament hoedown.

The Barbara & Ray Alpert Jewish Community Center in Long Beach will play host to the fourth annual, 3-day festival, featuring a concert series, eco fair, speakers from around the world, games, crafts, workshops, movies, art, dancing and food food food.

In all its green glory, this marathon celebration will bring together Jews from “every denomination and across the political spectrum… trend-setters, artists and spirit seekers… ashkenazim, sephardim, and atheists… activists, jocks, and hipsters…” sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, and dickheads.

Impressive, Coachella-like detail is clearly and meticulously laid out on websites, blogs and message boards for all your planning and preparation needs. Whether you are looking for the “Woodstock of Judaism” or “an inspiring Shabbat experience” it seems you will find it at Jewlicious 4.0. Gezunterheyt.

That last compliment really makes me smile. Coachella is the hottest music festival in the West and being compared to them is just, well, amazing. Thanks and media Keep the presses rolling!

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