Dear New York,
First of all I wanted to congratulate you on the miraculous victory of the New York Giants over the New England Patriots in last night’s Super Bowl. My good friend ck who is currently visiting New York tells me that despite a relatively balmy winter, this morning it was as if the heavens joined in New York’s celebration as the city was treated to an actual snowfall. The flakes were apparently big and fluffy and the imagery was gorgeous. However, it only lasted about an hour or so and none of the snow stuck. So just in case New Yorkers have forgotten what actual snow looks like, here’s a video I shot for Israel21c last week during Jerusalem’s snow day. Enjoy!
Leah Stern

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  • Leah, watched the video, put on my boots and snowpants, grabbed my shovel and cleared the driveway and front walk of five inches. I only say that because what made it passable was I able to imagine myself in Jerusalem. Thanks

  • Oh, and I live in the provinces…

    Of upstate NY. Near enough to hear Ahmadinejad’s homophobic rant at Columbia University and far enough away were something disastrous to happen, like this late-breaking news item I received in my inbox today:

    Subject Heading read, “Breaking News: Grand Central Freezes!”

    I really need a change of scenery…

  • Oh Eliyahu,
    I heard about the bombing moments after it happened. Horrified I remained in contact with my journo friends in Israel till I had all the details I could stomach. So none of us blogged it. It’s not as if it didn’t happen. I wish it hadn’t.

  • “Eliyahu should be our editor. He can assign topics and posts.”

    Can I quote you on that, themiddle? Like a written a covenant.

    In all transparency, I was secretly hoping to officially be a part of Jewlicious when I visited early this morning, and contribute as much as I can (similar to official Israeli recognition of citizenship).

    I’m not in the business of intimidation. More like Kibbutz conviction, and I am consistently and profoundly convicted, when I do pass by…

    Feel free to do a thorough background check on mwah. I’ve got about 70 identities on the internet…

  • Oh, and if I were to post, I’d prolly invite inquiry into my novice research into East Asian Jewry; subjects like: a more efficient Japanese-inspired Pesach and Kosher Kali (stick-fighting)…