Visiting a museum without getting out of bed...


Haus der Geschichte* in Leipzig – in co-operation with the Jewish Museum in Berlin – currently features an exhibition on Jewish migration from 1933 on, called “Heimat und Exil” (= home and exile).

I know, I know, most readers likely live 3,800 miles or farther away from Leipzig (which pronounces like /Lipe-tsish/), which would make visiting the exhibition rather tricky, but the good news is that a few of the exhibits (including images, audio files and documentary texts in English) are available online, so you need not even get out of your PJs to browse through the exhibition.

Von der alten Heimat zur neuen Heimat


Von der alten Heimat zu der neuen Heimat, Fritz Freudenheim, 1938 [image source]

*Haus der Geschichte has got two locations; one in Bonn, the other in Leipzig. They both have got a permanent exhibition on German history and usually feature one or two extra exhibitions. Admission is free.

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