Al-Aqsa TV, the people who brought you Farfur the Mouse and Nahoul the Bee now present…Assud the mujahid Bunny!

Hamas’ first venture into Warner Bros. copyright infringement, Assud the Bunny, is the newest star of Tomorrow’s Pioneers, the same Gaza-based kids’ show which brought us Farfur and Nahoul. The show is broadcast throughout the ArabWorld via the NileSat and ArabSat satellites, and urges its “young audience to liberate Tel Aviv (whose original name, Assoud says, was Tel-Rabia before it was renamed by Zionists) through ‘resistance'”:

Nahul the Bee “died” just over a week ago when the Israeli “siege” of Gaza prevented him from reaching a hospital to get urgent medical treatment. Nahul was hailed by the winsome Saraa as a “martyr” in the style of Hamas suicide bombers who are promised they will marry 72 virgins in paradise.

“Today we say to you Nahul congratulations, we don’t see this as your death, we see this as your wedding,” Saraa declared.

Now Assud has stepped into the breach, swearing to devour the Jews with his bare rabbit teeth. The Bomber Bunny was said to have sneaked into Gaza from Egypt when Hamas smashed down then border fence two weeks ago….

The program ended with the catchy song: “We will never recognize Israel.”

With Saraa joining in on the refrain, the characters sang: “Until we liberate our homeland from the Zionist filth.”

The 11-year-old host of Tomorrow’s Pioneers, Saraa Barhoum, has already expressed her desire to become a martyr, saying “..little Jewish girls should be forced from their homes in Israel” and “offers instructions to children, urging them to do what they can to fight Israel.”

When the Farfur furor began to spread and ire from around the world was being directed at Al-Aqsa TV over their decision to broadcast a pro-martyrdom kids’ TV character, defended their choice:

Fathi Hammad, chairman of Al-Aqsa Television, defended the show: “It does not violate any moral or professional standard,” he told a Hamas Web site, adding it would not be withdrawn or its content changed.

Palestinian political analyst Hani Habib said the Al-Aqsa show was a Hamas recruitment tool.

“This programme markets death when a child is supposed to have a long future to come.”

But 10-year-old fan Hanin, said the show was mostly educational. “The show teaches us to recite the Quran, to pray and to speak in formal Arabic. We want the show to continue.”

It is Hanin that gets me most worried.

Little Hanin just thinks he’s getting prayer lessons and syntax pointers. Chances are most of these kids don’t put “two and two” together, with the majority of the indoctrinating messages sinking in subliminally, lying dormant until the wrong run-in sets off years of hatred. This is far more subtle than, say, asking two little girls to recite a poem about their suicide bomber mother — this is the new smiley face of “violent resistance”, his high pitched voice and pre-tween co-host designed to recruit a whole new cabal of brainwashed young warriors, oblivious to the mind control to which they were subjected.

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