matis_winter_time.jpgWe are proud and honored to announce that Matisyahu and Tahli Miller will be joining us as presenters this year at Jewlicious Festival4.0! Tahlia will be previewing her documentary film, Can’t Touch This at our Documentary Film slam. Matisyahu will be discussing spirituality and joining us for a weekend of programs. Matisyahu and Tahli bring a great vibe and everyone is psyched they will be representing again at Jewlicious!

You can read bios of the many other presenters, a run down of the bands, and more over at

Not that you needed ANOTHER reason to come to the most amazing Jewish Festival of its kind in the world today, but you might never get another opportunity. There are still non-camping tickets for students under 26 available ($54) and Festival Stage concert tickets ($25) for March 1st. All other tickets are SOLD OUT!

*Sorry folks, if you do not have a ticket you cannot be let in.

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