Or what else does one do with 100 tons of chocolate spread?

Israeli police are on the lookout for a thief with a super-sized chocolate craving.

The robbers broke into a factory in the northern Israeli city of Haifa late Monday and walked away with nearly 100 tons of chocolate spread.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said such a large heist indicated it may have been an inside job and police were searching the area of any traces of the sweet stuff.

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  • Was it Nutella???? 100 tons of Nutella!!!!! If you eat 100 tons, do you gain 100 tons?

  • Tiff, a former colleague of mine, doctor of chemistry, used to claim that people should never underestimate the nutritional benefits of Nutella (which, BTW, is way cheaper in Germany than over there).

  • Note to thief: if your munchies get that bad, try eating HALF of the brownie next time…

  • Like all those hazelnuts and the cup of skim milk? Don’t ruin it for me… Nutella is sooo bad for you it’s good. If I ever have a daughter I will name her Nutella!

  • Seriously, a slice of bread with Nutella is better for kids than a bowl full of most popular breakfast cereals.

  • froylein, i think that Nutella marketing has gotten to you. It’s full of sugar and fat. “A hint of cocao”?? “Energy to think and do”? That’s the sugar & the fat… It might be better than cocoa puffs but I just can’t pretend it’s actually healthy.

  • Humble cream cheese’s got a fat content of 50% to 80% depending on the brand. Average caffeinated sparkling beverages and their non-caffeinated counterparts on average contain the equivalent of 64 pieces of lump sugar per litre. I’m pretty well-aware of the sugar and fat contents of food. It depends on the quantity and frequence of a certain food item’s consumption that makes it (un)healthy.

  • Yikes. I don’t even know what to say. How about, dang, what a funny post! I’m seriously glad you know all about fat and sugar and moderation. It seems impossible to comment on this blog in a friendly way. Even if you try, people always seem to be on the attack. I was just trying to comment on the silliness of the Nutella ads…I mean, it’s so yummy, do they really have to come up with bogus health claims??

  • I love the idea of a niece called Nutella and unlike her namesake, I am sure she will be very very healthy!

    Ken yehi ratzon veh nomar amen!

  • Tiff, sorry if I came across as harsh; it certainly wasn’t meant to be that way. And Nutella’s health claims aren’t so bogus if you consider that you’re better off eating Nutella reasonably (not spoonwise) rather than creamcheese with honey or factory-produced jams.