Eastern European Jews took over so much that there is rarely any limelight on any Jues rocking it like the Rambam (side). Ashkenaz has become so main stream that if you would see a Jew who looked like Rambam you’d think he was Arab. Y-Love, you got a point there…. Lets switch it up! For most interesting photo of a Jew who still holds it down old school Jewish style submitted to djhandler@shemspeed.com, gets a hot off the press “This is Babylon” album. I’ll start it off Diwon style.





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  • … all dressed up for a shidduch date with the heeb-hijab wearing nuts from Beit Shemesh, eh?

    What does being Jewish have to do with dressing like 16th-century Polish nobleman OR a 12th-century Arab scholar?

    Those generations of Jews dressed in the clothing of their time – within the limits of modesty. And so should we.

    We have zippers and sewing machines now, folks…

  • Interesting. This fool kinda looks like my dad back when he was studying Medieval philosophy at UCLA. Except for the turban. And that hideous shower curtain of a shirt.

    Is Target having a sale?

  • Good point Ben-David.. However, I’d feel like a certified bad ass mo’ fo’ with that turban getup the Rambam is sporting.

  • I’m with Ben-David on this one for the first time ever.

    It’s a good costume for Purim and I’m glad you are feelin’ all gangsta in it, but I wouldn’t suggest hangin’ in ‘da hood with that get-up or you will find some official mo’fo’s gettin’ up on ‘ya.

  • what does this blog have to do with anything?

    i guarantee that guy in the picture is a douche-bag.

  • I will NEVER move on from Tom Jones…51 days, 18 minutes , 31 seconds until ATLANTIC CITY, but yeah, I’m mixin’ it up …I ‘preciate Tupac.

    Here’s my latest favorite You Tube for all you haters:
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  • Jack: this is not like slipping a knitted hat over your dreads. This turban thing requires serious dexterity – add at least 10 minutes to your morning routine.

    And the investment in coordinating scarves…

  • When you’ve got hair like I do, a yarmukle is no walk in the park either…