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Even I had a difficult time watching parts of this film. Produced by right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders, it was initially supposed to be broadcast on Dutch Television, but the broadcast authorities refused to show it unless it was edited. Wilders then released it on Liveleak as a streaming video on the 27th of March. After more than a million downloads, Liveleak pulled the film citing serious threats against staff and their families. Network Solutions also took the unusual step of shutting down Wilders’ Web site promoting the film, citing complaints, even though it was only one page with the inoffensive movie graphic and a coming soon notice, and didn’t show any part of the film. Network Solutions continues to allow radical Muslim, Nazi and other offensive Web sites to stay up.

The Internet being what it is, the film has been uploaded to YouTube and Google videos, and is available for all to see and judge. Jewcy writer Ali Eteraz has already declared it to be “Boring, Pointless Anti-Islamic Propaganda,” and it is still to early to determine further reactions. There is already a Web site dedicated to all aspects of the film – themoviefitna.com and an extremely well documented Wikipedia page.

As for me, I found the movie gross, just as I find Wilders’ politics offensive. I am however impressed how his opponents got the film pulled from Liveleak and the site shut down by Network Solutions. So what do we have to do to get similar treatment for Jew Watch? I mean do we or do we not control the media???

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