makeoverAnother reality TV request – but this time a huge mitzvah is attached:

“Help a family that gives their all to the Jewish Community!” The Family of Yaelle and Nouriel Cohen continue to do ENORMOUS Acts of Kindness for the LA Jewish Community, despite their own financial setbacks and the broken-down, dilapidated condition of their home.

The Cohen’s have been invited to apply to the “EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER” TV show to have free repairs made to their house and they desperately need our support. In order to qualify, they need as many people as possible to write a short email on their behalf by Thursday, March 13th: This will literally take 40-80 seconds of your time and will make all the difference in the world for them.

The Cohen’s run charity MyGlobalKindness.Org out of their home, devoting almost every square inch of personal space to the feeding, clothing and welfare of up to 300 of LA’s most needy Jewish families (

Their home has fallen into dangerous disrepair and their current economic situation prevents them from fixing it, despite it’s hazardous condition to their family of 8.

Please take a moment of your time, if you can to help get them nominated for this show!

Just follow the easy email guidelines at the bottom.

( Please note: the Cohen’s need 200-300 emails and only have 35, every email counts and is greatly appreciated!)

Compose your letter
Address to: Extreme Makeover TV
The Names Yaelle and Nouriel Cohen
The fact that they run the charity out of their home
(feeding, clothing & serving up to 300 of LA’s neediest families)
Hazardous condition of their home (Broken foundation, leaking roof, damaged kitchen,
1 working bathroom & extremely cramped living quarters for 8 people & their charity)
Why they are deserving of an extreme home makeover
(i.e: “They selflessly serve an entire community less fortunate than themselves”)
Your Name and Address at the bottom
Send your Email to by Thurs, March 13th
(Note:Your email does not have to be long)

That’s it—that’s all you have to do to really make a difference in the lives of people who have
served our community so tirelessly!

Questions?: email: 310-402-8882

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Rabbi Yonah

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  • Executive Producer, Extreme Makeover TV
    Yaelle and Nouriel Cohen should becloned in their millions and deposited in every needy village, town and city in the world. Every day 40 or 50 people come to the door of their broken down home despertely in need of food and clothing NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY EMPTY HANDED. They have given up lucrative careers to exist from hand tomouth, collecting donations from the Jewish community in Los Angeles to pass on with love to immigrants,old and handicapped people who have NOTHING.

    Please help them to do it from a solid, safe house, instead of he hazardous dwelling they now inhabit because they do not spend a penny upon themselves.