Hamas, in their ever-vigilant pursuit of new moral and ethical lows, have opened a Holocaust remembrance exhibit in Gaza, IsraelToday reported today. A journalist from the Palestinian Al-Ayyam newspaper accompanied a group of schoolchildren to the exhibit, set up by the PA’s National Committee for Defense of Children from the Holocaust, and noted — this museum is no Yad Vashem:

In Hamas-ruled Gaza, Palestinian Arab schoolchildren were taken on a field trip to a Holocaust exhibit set up by The National Committee for Defense of Children from the Holocaust, reported the local Al Ayyam newspaper.

The exhibit made use of language and images characteristic of the Nazi Holocaust, but instead of Nazi troops feeding the ovens with Jewish victims, the exhibit portrayed Jews baking non-Jewish children to death.

Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli media watchdog, noted that the exhibit served to reinforce recent programs on Palestinian Authority-controlled television that taught local Arab youths that it was the Zionist Jews who burned humans in ovens during the Holocaust.

Perhaps this is worse than outright Holocaust denial — it is unforgivable to contend that those who died not only didn’t die, but were the murderers themselves. And historical accuracy is irrelevant — for many of these children, the Hamas school system is the only one they will ever attend, with atrocities like this inculcated into fact.

Many kids who are hearing this at school are seeing pro-Qassam Hamas propaganda like this on Al-Aqsa TV at home (with the slogan “take them to hell, O Qassam”) and listening to the Qassam song on the radio.

Unless someone gives these kids a chance to learn honestly, the future Gazan adults are going to be difficult to deal with in the future, regardless of what happens between Fatah and Hamas.

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