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I had the pleasure of interviewing Israeli superstar Ivri Lider and his Grammy Award winning producer Garry Gold for Israel21c, about their plans to conquer American pop music audiences. Given Lider’s success in Israel (2 platinum albums) and Gold’s experience with legendary musicians Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder, can one assume that Lider will be the next beakout Israeli act? Is this a trend we’re seeing here? First Yael Naim (see video below) and next?

I guess only time will tell!

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  • well.. i wish ivri lider much luck and best wishes. I have 3 of his cd’s. and, hey, gary gold looks 15 yrs younger than i recalled, so the collaboration must be doing great. but.. the american market is so fickle. i think he will end up in a genre ghetto with Ari Gold.

  • The first album of Yael Naim has been released in France in november 2007, it’s now a huge success. The most incredible is that she mix English and Hebrew song on the same record… Guys you should listen it.

  • Ivri’s a good dude. we drove him around SF to talk to students and he was nothing but nice. I plan to holler at him next time I’m in Israel.

    question: “platinum” in Israel = platinum in the US, i.e. 1 million copies sold? pretty sure it’s a much, much lower threshold given Israel’s relative population (countries certify albums at different numbers usually based on population).

    Ivri could never move a million in the US but with the right marketing he could move 100K or so, particularly with a lead single in English.

    but licensing is where the real scrillah is at. he needs to get in Starbucks and maybe do a VW commercial…oh, and ringtones of course!

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