group_1.jpgRasta comes alive tomorrow night in the Pico/Robertson hood.

Hatikva 6, a new Israeli reggae group with a tight sound, is scheduled to rock The Joint @ 9 pm, this Thursday, March 13th. Check out their myspace, and their video..

The band’s got an upbeat reggae/dancehall sound closely matched to mega stars Damian Marley and the Mighty Bounty Killah, with a mash of Caribbean flow provided by Shelly Glickman, her steady pounding on the keys in true roots style. Maybe she learned that while serving in the Intelligence Corps of the IDF? Her brother Omri, who sings and plays guitar for the group (and I’ll admit, is a solid, good-looking Israelite) has got a great voice, rapping in Hebrew and English, with traces of Jamaica in his sound. The group apparently used their street address as their band name, Hatikva Shesh, sealing fate when learning that Bob Marley himself grew up on Hope Street as well. In Jamaica, not Ramat Hasharon, fools.

Why else should you give them a listen? Their album was produced by Michael Goldwasser, who also worked with Easy Star*All Stars, famous for their dub covers…They all speak a thousand languages…They’re a good looking group of Israelites(mentioned that already, but what the hell)…They’re gaining love and respect on the Israelite Festival circuit.. And tickets are only $10! Show them some love and get your skank on with the best.

Hatikva 6 myspace
Thursday 4/13 @ 9 pm
The Joint (Corner of Pico and Robertson – Heart of Jew town)
$10 advance / $15 at the door

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