Is going down all week at the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side. The thing is this Thursday night is the big closing party and there are going ot be well over 1000 peoples coming out to see the works of the 11 Artists that were selected. Amongst them, are SoCalled, Levi Okunov and Diwon. Levi is a rising Fashion Designer who throws an annual show on the Pier, which plays as an unofficial meet and greet for Hasidim and Hipsters. He has made an amazing collection using elements from the museums archives. Diwon has done the same, except with sound. Check it out live this Thursday eve at 9pm, or stop by anytime to see the artists at work. more info.

To watch interviews with some of the folks, click below.

p.s. in honor of this history, the Shemspeed folks have pressed up limited numbers of CDs and T Shirts (click on image to purchase)

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