Purim Basket!The Wikipedia entry on Purim Torah is slowly gathering some momentum, finishing first in google searches. There are download links to all of my Purim Torah booklets, including the now classic, Haimish L’Chaim: Laws & Customs of Shidduchim.

Today on the Fast of Esther I told over the story of Esther to the UCI Interfaith Center weekly lunch. Enjoying the story were several members of the clergy at the Center, as well as many students who had not heard the story of Esther before. I double checked with the local priest, “It’s in your Bible, right?”

He reassured me that the Book of Esther is in the Authorized Bible editions that they all use, but is not the focus of great attention. I was invited to tell the story at Sunday mass sometime. . .

Meanwhile, the Hamantaschen that failed were relegated as Special Hamentaschen and got their own container. These failed cookies spit out their innards and just jam topped cookies, instead of the real deal.

I raided the Persian Market today for lots of Persian Delicacies to celebrate. There are no less than 7 kosher Persian breads as the local Persian market- maybe more. Got lots of other Persian treats to ensure that we experience Purim with some attention to ethnographic detail.

Hebrew Hammers after the Jewlicious FestivalMost schools are on Spring Break, aka Easter Vacation, and so although I was at UCI today for several hours, I didn’t manage to give out many Hamentaschen. Yesterday, at the Beach Hillel Tent at Long Beach State, they handed out a good number of treats. Some of the members of our Hebrew Hammers Co-Ed Softball Team are dressing up for Purim as “Hammered Hebrews.” It works.

I’ll be heading up to JConnect LA’s Purimpalooza party at The Palace later tonight to check out a replay from the Festival: Moshav and DJ Eric Rosen.

The Sfas Emes wrote that we give Mishloach Manot in order to inspire us to perform the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel, loving your fellow Jew. This basket is my virtual Mishloach Manot to all our readers. Thanks for the love and keep reading and commenting on Jewlicious.

Wishing everyone a joyous and inspirational Purim.

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  • Rabbi, the Christian Bible contains the entire Torah (or Old Testament), per the Council of Nicea (325).

  • A freilachen purim, Rabbi!

    Was it a Roman Catholic priest or some kind of Protestant clergy? Some Protestant denominations more or less skip on the OT kin their teachings.

  • omg thanks for the shidduch booklet! it’s hilarious! am immediately forwarding it to everyone i know 🙂
    chag sameach rabbi! 😀

  • This sounds like one I’ll celebrate whether I’m entitled to or not….