“With Arms Outstretched” is like a biblical song to me, maybe more of a church type camp song than say USY. Jenny Lewis is the sweet sounding twangy front woman of both “Rilo Kiley” and “Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins“. The former released an album named, “The Execution Of All Things” and it was simply indie rock brilliance with just the right amount of country twang (very little). I was always a fan, but never thought much of it. But then, my whole paradigm shifted when my wife told me Jenny is Jewish. It even sounded cool…”Jenny is Jewish”. I was about to run around the apt shouting it out as loud as I could 10 times in a row, “Jenny Is Jewish!!”. My wife followed up the tidbit of info by saying that she almost felt cooler because of that fact…..which is ridiculous but its the main thought and idea behind all this funding going around in the arts for Jewish continuity (which I have yet to see any of). Anyway, instead of shouting I youtube searched for some videos and found one with a Sarah Silverman intro…which is like the Jewish pop stamp of approval right now.

check it below!

– dj handler

p.s. for you Fred Savage fans and fans of “the awkward moment”, watch this clip below…

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