Happy Birthday Muffti

Today (April 7th) is Muffti’s birthday. I was reminded of that when I read this recently:

pantera and south park, i’m pretty high-brow. that’s what a philosophy degree gets you; a love of speed metal, cartoons, bud light, and drum machines. bertrand russel would be proud. or ashamed. or indifferent. probably ashamed.

No. That’s not the Muff pontificating on the pleasures of Pantera and cartoons. Though it may as well be. Except for the Bud Light part. This was a quote from Moby. No not the confused anarchist, I’m talking the good Moby. The one with the new album out titled Last Night. Our Muffti is clearly part of a larger Zeitgeist, where people with Philosophy majors, usually relegated to careers as naked house boys, actually do something productive and even fun. That’s our Muff. Productive. Fun. Not a naked house boy. Now I can launch into a whole series of “remember that time when…” or “and that other time when…” but those that know, know, and the rest can’t even begin to imagine. Also, when Muffti blushes he turns really, REALLY red. Look at that pic above taken in the Sinai. Pretty pale eh? So yeah. Happy birthday from Ir Hakodesh. I’m a get drunk in your honor. Or something.

Here’s Pantera doing Cowboys From Hell, cuz it seemed appropriate:

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