Y-Love performs at London’s prestigious Ministry of Sound with Subliminal, The Apples (who do a really cool jazz/funk cover of Rage Against The Machine on their myspace) and a slew of other really hype acts!

All this is a part of UJS’s Israel at 60! for more info google or check shemspeed šŸ˜‰

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Founded by Erez Safar, Shemspeed is an independent recording label & promotional agency devoted to producing and developing dynamic multi-cultural artists and interactive media.


  • the Apple’s Link is broken…forgot the “h” in http and this Killin’ in the Name Of is great!

    Here is the link for The Apples

  • muffti you were right. jewlicious is how i get my concert and festival lineup together.

    that is, if all i saw was y-love and subliminal every weekend..

  • Ooh, I am so so tempted by this. It’s a bit last minute, it’s not cheap, and Ministry is an absolute nightmare to get to and from (it’s in South London, all the Jews live in North London). Plus, if it doesn’t finish till 4am, how the hell am I supposed to stay awake at work tomorrow?

    Nevertheless, still very very tempted. If I do go, I’ll happily report back – I can write it up for Jewlicious if you want.