If it “rises,” is it kosher?
Here’s a little pre-Passover sacrilege to give you a little laugh and ease the burden of Pesach cleaning. Which you better be doing or else you’re a bad, bad Jew!

And who is this “Rabbi Mo” anyway?

Tip of the yarmulke to Rob E. who sent this in and asked “What is wrong with people? Penis For Passover????” Indeed. Rob. Now, where shall I hide the Affikomen this year? Where-o-where…

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  • I like it, Yankel, I like it. A little over the top, but I found the video funny. Finally, a Jewish holiday video which doesn’t rely on the “hey, Jews are dorks!” stereotypes.

    Chag sameach, everybody!

  • If you have to emphasize and/or explain your puns and double entendres, you’re not funny. I’m with Ephraim on this one.

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