caught this at the Y-Love CD Release in Boston on Monday night. Tonight they are in Philly! anyway, check this out, this is Nosson Zand (Niz)

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  • He’s really not very good. I think he should go take some lessons from the BibleRaps guy.

  • Sold out already? Must be a small venue. I couldn’t understand a word he said. And I like rap.

    Did you guys hear that rumor the guy from Rage Against the Machine is converting to Judaism? Zach De La Rocha is becoming a Jew.

  • check out his myspace and tell me he isn’t good. jewlicious, aarons hater blog.

  • ok dude. I checked out his page, listening to freedom and fresh. It’s East Coast and I’m not really into rap that far, but regardless, I still have an opinion. I can hear the parallels to him and Wu-Tang, but the lyrics I find a bit cliche, and it’s just missing heart man. It sounds like he’s trying to hard to be a rapper, when under all that there’s something else entirely, something deeper, something waiting to be discovered that’s more authentic to who he is.

    He’s got enough talent to rap, no doubt, but I don’t think we’re hearing his best side. It’s still waiting to grow up. I don’t know who you are Jake, or where your taste lies, or what your connection to music is, but I wonder if you like him because you think he can flow or more because he’s doing it while inconspicuously wearing a pair of tzitzit.

  • aaron: NIZ is Money. His beats are ridiculous. His flow is smooth – not bad for a fine lookin white skinded brotha.

  • Aaron: if you aint into rap, then shut ya trap… Nosson is sick regardless of the tzis tzis… The kids sanctifying Hashems name… And if you cant understand the lyrics then how do you find them cliche? You’re a Farshtoonkiner chosid.

  • Rebbele, benim zich. šŸ˜‰

    I think Aaron just meant he hadn’t been able to make out the words in the clips above.