I’m not even going to write about this Balagan joint, just watch!

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Founded by Erez Safar, Shemspeed is an independent recording label & promotional agency devoted to producing and developing dynamic multi-cultural artists and interactive media.


  • Your promotional posts are taking over Jewlicious. When did this become your music blog dude?

  • Sorry, chap, but the contributors here post when they’ve got time and ideas, so if you want more non-music content percentagewise, how about leaving some positive feedback on the posts you like? That might actually serve as encouragement to the one or the other blogger.

  • thought you would all enjoy the video. I know I did when I saw it.

  • DJHandler, don’t worry; you keep blogging – and let those that don’t like it be digested by their own gall bladder liquid.

  • what does everything/anything have to do with anything/everything?

  • Hope you’ll have a great gig tonight. Please let me know if you guys happen to be anywhere in the west of the republic.

  • Anon, I don’t know what grudge you’re holding against DJHandler, and I actually don’t care, but since you’re the same anonymous commenter that commented above, I’d kindly ask you to understand that nobody forces you to read any posts, let alone click on a video’s play-button.

  • i agree with anonymous, although these are not as bad as some of earlier self-promoting posts which have become common place here on jewlicious.

  • Yoni, then I cannot help but wonder why particularly the content-laden posts usually receive hardly any if any comments while purposedly silly ones comparatively draw crowds. If there are posts you particularly like, wouldn’t it be nice – and possibly effective – to say, “Great post.”?