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Those of you that follow the comment threads should have figured out by now that I’m an avid baker. It came as a surprise to me though that Ephraim’s a partner in baking crime, but I bet most of you enjoy baking and / or pastries.

Cheesecakes, originally a Russian Easter treat, apparently have become as much of a symbol of Jewish culinary influence on NYC diets as bagels (I’ll save the story of bagels for a different post). For understandable reasons, cheesecakes have won the top rank position when it comes to Shavuot holiday food over other dairy food items such as cottage cheese or kefir (serve the latter two if you don’t want any guests over for Shavuot next year).

Since in baking terms, Shavuot is soon to come (maybe not for those to whom baking a cheesecake means defrosting a processed one in the microwave), I’d like to ask you to share your best cheesecake recipes or variations. Above you see my first contribution, a refridgerated creamcheese cream cake on a crumble base with a thin top layer of lemon jelly, cut into halves, re-arranged and decorated with whipped cream.

C’mon now, don’t be shy. This is your bubbe’s chance to share her valued cheesecake knowledge. And who knows? With some luck, I might convince ck to hold a Jewlicious pastry fest. 🙂

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