I hate cats. I mean really hate. I think they’re disgusting. It probably has to do with the cat infestation in Jerusalem. I don’t really know, but cats seem gross to me. Sorry. I also hate Hitler. Just to clarify, I hate Hitler more than I hate cats. The combination of the two, then, is really despicable. Fortunately there is a website which combines these two things, and despite my strong hatred, I found the website to be hilarious and fascinating. Go to cats that look like Hitler! Oh, I’ve copied my favorite one below.

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  • Muffti hates cats as well and there is no harm in reposting a site that shows cats for what they really are. little hitlers.

  • Muffti won’t find my agreement there as he knows I’ve got a different take on cats (and dogs as well); the ones to blame re: the alley cats and stray dogs in the Middle East are those that get pets when they find them cute and discard them when they realise pets mean work as well as expenses / have to be taken into consideration when considering moving or holidays. That’s why I do not only donate to the kids in Africa (see, Muffti?), South America and Eastern Europe, but also to a local animal shelter that does a lot of volunteer work in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. Cats don’t do deliberate family planning, and a female cat can see 26,000 felines offspring in several generations during her average lifetime; that’s why it’s important to have cats castrated. Though if Muffti hates cats so much, we could return to the Middle Ages, where cats, believed to be incarnations of Beelzebub himself, got burned to death if the coat pattern on their faces didn’t resemble an “M” (as in “Mary”). BTW, cat hair allergies typically stem from a lack of exposure to cat hair during infant years and also typically vanish after a while of repeated exposure. The health benefits are huge as owners of pet cats are less likely to develop rheumatism and are 80% less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks. Also, young women considering starting a family are usually less likely to be affected by toxoplasmosis during pregnacy if they have previously been in touch with cats; toxoplasmosis inevitably causes handicaps to the fetus or even stillbirth. Toxoplasmosis tests can easily be carried out by ob-gyns, but aren’t part of routine procedures in every country. Cats can be carriers of toxoplasmosis (as well as fresh fruit and veggies and infected areas / objects); infections with the disease prior to pregnancy are harmless and usually just result in a few days of barely noticable inconvenience, but they also immunise the body against further toxoplasmosis infections.

    P.S.: I’d seen the Kitler site before, but still love it.

  • never liked cats either until I was talked into saving a blind kitty. she sees now and is so much fun! who knew?

  • damn you are really fucked up in the head…

    you are association between jerusalem and hitler and cats is a textbook case of psyco

    you said you “dont know the reason” for your phobia/hatred.

    i can help…

    it is bc your fucked up head due to genetics mutation from your ancestors who were intermarrying family members.

  • Sorry spawnof6 but your ignorance is appalling.

    I though to be hired as an author here, you have to be at least somewhat an intelligent and a well-versed individual and someone who is formerly educated about the world that you have to live in and not just talk about about politics and the religion or your immature and juvenile mental spasms such as cats that look like Hitler.

    • Yo Josh/Melissa. You know we have a copy of your IP address right? You’re the same person. Also, cats that look like Hitler is funny dude. Relax.