Roger Bennet is the brains behind Reboot and their amazing, Guilt and Pleasure Mag/Journal which is by far my favorite Jew pub, although AJL comes in a close 2nd. They also release some very interesting Yiddishe CDs including,Irving Fields “Bagels and Bongo’s reissue, which I just found on vinyl sitting next to my early Tribe records and the JEWFACE album, which I have not heard (but, I dig the cover).

Anyway, Roger sent over some info on his latest book which comes just in time for summer…Titled, ‘CAMP CAMP: WHERE FANTASY ISLAND MEETS LORD OF THE FLIES’ is out today. The book, the sequel to BAR MITZVAH DISCO, is the story of our generation, much maligned, but truly The “Greatest Generation.” All it took was three years, 80,000 photos, and 300 interviews, to create one giant love letter to camp featuring tall stories of style, music, and frantic attempts to get to third base, from summer camps – the ultimate teenage utopias – across the country, including tales from AJ Jacobs, David Wain, Sloane Crosley, Rachel Sklar, and Paul Feig, as well as an intro by our hero, Mr. Ivan Reitman.

Check all his projects out here.

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