I still have not seen Zohan, my sister tells me its hilarious and I need to see it, but then follows that up with an, “well, I think its hilarious….you will either love it or hate it”. Thats a very mixed endorsement and with ticket prices at 22 bucks if you bring a date….I’m just not sure I want to see a movie I have a 50% chance of hating. I was going to see it in Israel, cigarette breaks and all, but the peoples with me wanted to hit up Ben Yehuda and ironically enough get food which included a side of hummus. Well, to hold me over, I keep watching this old school clip which has Adam Sandler featured as a cheesy Israeli, but its so subtle that in no way is it a foreshadowing of his later feature film exploit of the same aesthetic. ok, lets disco. (scroll down to see clip below) lehitraot!

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  • TODA RABA for the classic SNL clip! Tom Hanks Disco is good! Chris Rock, Dana Carvey and the whole gang…excellent!!

    I LOVED the movie but the audience I saw it with didn’t laugh once (tues night FREE movie tickets with cablevision triple play rewards) They were there because it was 80 degrees out and the other movies were full (take it, take it, it’s free, here…) I was not in Jewish neighborhood. It was really weird laughing out loud and being the one…

    If a person hasn’t been in Israel or around Israelis in America the price isn’t right.

  • Just saw the Zohan after watching the clip, the movie was hilarious I recommend it and the Sabra is right does it so much justice.


  • I saw the Zohan. It was pretty fun for about 45 minutes and then the hummus jokes started to lose elasticity.

  • I loved the Zohan, especially the Hezbollah hot line.

    it was totally over the top, throughout the entire flick, but there were enough spoofs on Israeli culture to keep it worth watching, even with the VERY VERY excessive use of hummus and coitus.

  • Oh I love this skit. Robert Shmeigel’s Israeli accent is pretty great. Umm, and so is Mike Myers’ flowing mullet.

  • After a debate on the question, I asked a few non-Jewish film goers in New York state who have not been to Israel what they thought about the Zohan and they reported finding it hilarious. I think Adam Sandler’s silliness and slapstick transcend the inside jokes.

    Maybe it was the time of day or the fact that your cinema-mates were not choosing to see that movie that influenced their experience and mood?