I guess that this has been around for a while, but I don’t think that we covered it. So if we did, please do not send the wrath of been there before or this is so not news on me…ok? Now all we need – and please send me a link if you have it – is a solution for the iPhone. Could we call it Jphone? or heebphone?

Jewberry – Your Solution for Hebrew Jewish Texts on your Blackberry.

Jewberry offers software that enables you to view Hebrew Jewish texts on your Blackberry device. Note – this is a third party application that is not supported by your wireless carrier.

Current texts available on Jewberry include:
Shacharit, Mincha & Maariv (Ashkenaz, Sefard,Eh’M & Ari), Tehillim, Kriat Shma Al Hamitah, Tefilat Haderech, Bracha Achrona and more.

It costs $30 to make your Blackberry Jewish. It’s a lot cheaper than a bris.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • My company, ZigZag, Inc., has just released Hebrew in Hand 2.0 Beta for the BlackBerry platform, which supports fully pointed Hebrew and includes a growing catalog of Jewish texts (mincha, ma’ariv, all the haftarot, etc.) We would like to port Hebrew in Hand to the iPhone. We applied to the iPhone Developer program, but Apple said that they “have many more requests than we can serve during this initial beta period…” We’re waiting to see if Apple makes any announcements about opening up their Developer program after the July 11 release of the newest iPhone.