Inspired by Tamar Fox’s report on Jewcy.

As the Iowa Flooding recedes, Jews are helping:

* Chabad has been distributing sandwiches and food, helping build sand-bag walls and other relief work. They set up a website to collect donations for there flood relief efforts. In the capital city of Des Moines, hundreds of people converged on the Maccabee’s Deli Tuesday to make 5,000 sandwiches and stuff brown bags full of food for thousands of Iowa residents now living in emergency shelters.

* Iowa’s Jewish communities are holding up well, but they anticipate needing help in the near future. Synagogues in Mason City and Dubuque have taken on water, and will likely need money and supplies once the waters have receded and they can clean up. The Jewish Federation in Des Moines is accepting contributions to be distributed for general flood relief, wherever it may do the most good. You may send a check, earmarked “Flood Relief” to the Jewish Federation, 910 Polk Boulevard, Des Moines, IA, 50312.

* University of Iowa Hillel is talking about organizing a volunteer rebuilding trip in late summer when the waters have receded and damage has been assessed. If you’re interested in such a trip, contact the University of Iowa Hillel. The school suffered damage to at least twenty buildings – after school had finished for the year.

* A handful of companies contributed the food, including the kosher meat packer Agriprocessors, which provided some 1,000 pounds of meat. I was told they will be doing more for flood victims in an effort to improve their battered image – which is good news.

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  • wheres the do gooders from uri ltzedek? they have been making so much noise about iowa these days

  • Well…some very religious people might think Agri’s misdeeds caused incurred the wrath of God in the first place…see previous sarcastic and bitter remarks on the topic.

  • yeah.
    where’s the do-gooders from uri l’tzedek?
    when push comes to shove, they’re no where to be found.
    a bunch o’ loud mouths.
    indeed, good for rubashkin’s.
    this will help get back their face.

  • It’s good to see people helping one another; but Agriprocessor is just trying to get some good PR out of this cause it’s under investigation for not being so kosher!