PhotobucketYes, yes we have begun a board so that we could finally get away with calling Jews Japps! The cheesy part is that it stands for something (JEWISH ACTIVISTS, PERFORMERS & PROGRAMMERS actively involved in creating a community in which we can work together to help achieve individual and communal goals.) The un-cheesy thing is that it won’t be all photo ops and b.s. We really want to gather a group of creative artists and programming peoples to work on bettering this whole dog eat dog thang that is going on. Everybody Love Everyboday was the sign that rested above Will Ferrell’s head as he coached in Semi-Pro. The movie sucked, but the idea was great. We all got ways to help each other out, so if we concentrate on that, we will still gain, but it will be so much of a warmer feeling than constantly gringing on how to further your own career. too harsh? too perfect? Either way let us know if you want in by emailing [email protected]
first meeting is tonight. hit us up! OR search for “The JAPP Board” on Facebook groups.

p.s. for those of you not in NY, we are about to launch the online version which will be broken up into many sections and will serve as an incredible resource for both artists and those in search of them!
p.p.s. this is not only for ROI heads.

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