It’s true, they do. (so says DJ Balagan) But for real check out his mix entitled “Germans Wear Obama Pajamas”, a mix that he made on trains and planes coming back through Germany last week right before Obama spoke in Berlin…
Grab it for a week before its gone! EXCLUSIVE! (download here)

also, pay special attention to O.C.’s – “Time’s Up”. The beat and rhymes are very Edan. You could see where Edan got his influence from….O.C. and mad old school joints….

Muddy Waters – Tom Cat
Annex Productions –
Jorge Ben – Hermes Trimegisto Escreveu
Yusef Lateef – Mushmouth
El Guincho – Palmitos Park
MC Lyte – Cha Cha Cha
Stink – Girls Anthem
Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
Grammatik – Friko
O.C. – Time’s Up
Los Pico Pico – Pico Pico
The Sylvers – Misdemeanor
Tones On Tail – Go!
Kaveret – The Grocery Store
Murderbot – Onlyworld

Note: The Messiah image was made by Yossi Belkin

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  • Time’s Up was tha joint back in the day! OC’s mad cool too, I met him once. “you lack the minerals & vitamins, iron and the niacin…” ahhh, summer of ’94. And Lyte’s “Cha cha cha” is a brilliant reworking of Kraftwerk’s “The Man Machine,” if ya didn’t already know!
    ok, ok so I’m old school…
    But pleeeeease tell me they’re not really referring to Obama as “Messiah ’08.” Yech. All those swooning teenyboppers who probably aren’t even registered to vote are making the rest of us look bad…

  • I don’t see the Obama-Messiah connection. Just because some of his supporters feel this way doesn’t mean I can generalize it to all of them. Remember that I could say the same thing about Bush’s supporters as well, and some of the comments from them that I’ve heard make them sound even more deluded into following a false messiah.

  • Absolutely, categorically, friggin LOVE it! Change the words to “The Whole Loves Ojamas” and you have a sponsor!

  • well, are you thinking of the right Edan artist?

    lol yeah dude; that’s my mans. not hating on him, OC nor you holmes, just saying I don’t see a particularly strong Boston-Queens connection!

    Still, thanks for posting this mix.

    Fosters Sylvers is underrated. I enjoy some of his solo stuff more than MJ’s early (pre-Quincy) solo stuff. That said, the Sylvers as a group did not have the same chemistry as the J5 in my opinion. FUN FACT: Fosters did young MJ’s voice in the J5 cartoon show.

    PS djHandler if you are serious about Brazilian, contact me. I know some heavy dealers.