Girls of Heeb (57)69

What the hell is this? Yet another attempt at pro-Israel propaganda via scantily clad Jewish/Israeli babes? An unsubtle attempt by geeky Heeb staffers to get in close proximity to hot Jewish babes by any means possible? Is it an homage to swim suit calendars and pin up girls with a somewhat Jewish spin? A bold statement against intermarriage with a reminder that Jewish women are indeed hot?

Frankly, I don’t care. Any project that unites Victoria’s Secret model Bar Rafaeli, Esquire Magazine cover girl and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan cast member Donna Feldman, four-time Elle cover girl Esti Ginzburg, Moran Attias, Adi Neumann (no relation to Heeb editor Josh Neuman) and Neta Bell-Silber is fine by me. However you wish to justify it.

The Jerusalem Post reports that

The “Ladies of ’69” calendar … hit American newsstands with the assistance of guest editor Brett Ratner, the director behind the Rush Hour films and the third X-Men movie. “[A]ll this Jewish stuff is really important to me,” the filmmaker explains in his opening letter. “Maybe that’s why I forced [comedian] Chris Tucker to order gefilte fish in Rush Hour 2.”

Haaretz in the meantime lets us know that the calendar’s title “The Girls of 69,” isn’t a crude reference to a sexual position, but rather a reference to “the year 5769 on the Hebrew calendar” – as opposed to the goyish Gregorian calendar.


Go visit the Heeb site, or pick it up at your local news stand. For the ladies in the house who don’t go all gaga about scantily clad babes, email me and I will send you a PDF file with a calendar featuring David Kelsey in various provocative poses.

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