So, I’ve booked my next trip to NYC and soon will be somewhere here:

Where shall we three meet again?

The thing is that I was hopeful to meet ck on that trip, but fate has it he’ll be in NYC right after I will have left. I’ll try to convince him to travel earlier by begging him to do so. In the meantime, if you could sign this comment thread (sort of like a petition), I’d greatly appreciate it.

P.S.: If there’s anybody else that would like to be met, please take a few points into consideration.

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  • I am all for a CK-Froylein meeting, count me as #1 on the petition….

  • “People–people who need people,
    Are the luckiest people in the world.
    We’re children, needing other children
    And yet letting our grown-up pride
    Hide all the need inside,
    Acting more like children
    Than children . . .”

  • “Someone to cling to me
    Stay with me right or wrong
    Someone to sing to me
    Some little samba song
    Someone to take my heart
    And give his heart to me
    Someone who’s ready to
    Give love a start with me . .

    “That would be so nice . . .”