Heh, I went to NYC again, and since I promised ck to try to post something, I will.

The plane was crowded with people on their connecting flight from Australia, where they had attended the World Youth Day. So, apparently, there was a lot of frum-quality Catholic folks around (I don’t mind Catholics per se, but these had an extra pious quality). One of the ladies desperately tried to buy a sandwich with US cash from a vendor at the gate in Frankfurt; I thought I’d be nice and help her out, but she gave me a look as if I were the Lord of Darkness himself. Tsk. I was just being polite. Then I spotted him. That short, hyper priest that I’d already encountered on a flight a couple of years ago when he was returning from the World Youth Day in Germany. Back then, my elder brother and his girlfriend had given me a lift to Frankfurt after they’d been out clubbing the previous night, so they were still in full hardrock / black metal ado. They were hanging out with me during check-in, and probably left quite an impression on that 5’3″ priest, possibly also because my bro’s 6’7″ and his gf 6’6″. Back then, that priest was seated in my row. He wouldn’t talk to ,me and spent most of the time praying. I could as well have been sitting next to some Chasid who was afraid of somebody seeing him talking with a secular female.
Anyhow, I refrained from singing all those popular Catholic youth songs like “Kumbayah”, “Lauda to si” (or something like it), and the ever abused-classic “Give peace a chance” (which isn’t exactly pro-religion if one gives the lyrics a closer look). I was being nice.

I’m aware this isn’t exactly the most eloquent blog post, the style could also be way better, but I’ve at least fulfilled my duty of blogging something. Maybe I’ll blog more. We’ll see. I shan’t be online too much. Luv ya, peeps.

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  • It must have been the breast firming cream you use, froylein.

    Maybe you should time your trips so you don’t run into the same priest all the time.

  • Those Catholic Youth Songs rock…if Jews could come up with something decent to sing around a campfire there would be less intermarriage…

    Shlomo Carlbach recorded a version of kumbayah…

    My favorite is “This little light of mine…”

  • There’s Kumbayah, and in the event of severe midair turbulence, the Verdi and Mozart Requiems. That’s Catholicism for you– we got you coming and going.

  • You were in NYC.. and u dont call.. u dont write.. u dont even come for Thai food?

    Well I will update your blog post with my NYC experience over the past 24 hours.

    24 hours ago, I skipped out of work early for an apptmt with an accupuncturist in Chinatown. I told hi that I was having some problem with something and he said, yes… that could be a problem. Oh.. how helpful.. Oy (Rule 1.. get a Jewish doctor)

    I then walked over to COlumbus park to eat a red bean bun (dietetic of course) and listen to some nightingale birds fight it out for best whistle, a circle of Chinese women singing better than any Bulgarian folk group, and several gaggles of Chinese men in groups of perhaps 20, playing checkers on stone tables and benches.

    I then headed over to the Loisaida or Lower East Side, the heimat of my people, and coveted the purchase of a 3 story decaying building near Allen Street, a building that used to be a synagogue and is now a warehouse. Oh, how I would like to refurbish that place (and of course flip it for a profit.. hehe)

    Ok ok… so now for the NY experience which is more fun than helping a woman in Frankfurt… I hopped a M15 uptown bus on Allen Street, and as we neared Houston Street and First Avenue, two passengers get into a fist fight bitch slapping argument. Most passengers just froze to watch the alertcation, but the rotund African American man to my right sprang to his feet, and sprinted to the front of the double length bus. He joined in the fray and beat on one o fthe guys. At this point, I exited the back door of the bus and waited for the police to arrive. No police car ever showed up… Instead… the man to my right who sprinted to the front WAS the cop.. undercover.. and the man in the Fordham t shirt who looked like WIll Ferrell also was an undercover cop.

    I took this as an omen.. I should walk and get some exercise, plus I could walk by Christine’s Palace of Blintzes on First Avenue at 12th Street

    When I neared 14th Street and Third Avenue, near the 14th Street Jewish Y, I walked by Artichoke Pizza, which was fronted by a line at least a half hour deep. What was this place? Why had I not heard of it? Was their pizza like Roman Jewish Kosher Pizza with Artichoke FLowers? (no.. not the same as u get in Rome). I wanted a half hour, bought two slices, and .. yes…. found that it was the WORST pizza I ever had. I ended my NYC experience with a trip to a store to buy the latest addition to my collection of canto-pop music. 🙂

  • Just a quick hello as I’ve only just returtned from DK’s and have been deprived of sleep the last couple of days, so more tomorrow (today).

    Larry, I’ll still be around for a couple of days. I’ll email you and Tom my new mobile number later (haven’t got it on me right now and don’t remeber it by heart yet).


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