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  • Is that Muffti at the, uh, rear, or…

    Looks like you stumbled on the afterlife exhibit at Muffti’s Museum of Metaphysical Hopelessness.

  • Those specimens are from Canada. Looks like little has changed up there where male behavior is concerned.

  • If you look at the skirting lines of the pedestal, you’ll see that the two sweethearts are standing next to each other.

  • Ha Ha Morrissey. But see, I’ve lived in Boston. I know what the guys there are like. Me thinks you’re projecting a little. Or engaging in a little wishful thinking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • At least we’re better looking than those two characters. Too many Labatts screws up those facial features.

  • Late-breaking news: Muffti and ck are both off the hook. I’ve had to intervene with advice to froylein about the do’s and don’ts of NYC travel. We can all breathe a little easier, as she’s agreed to confine her peregrinations to a 4-block radius in midtown Manhattan.

    She says she’ll be back in her guest room, door locked, with a glass of warm milk no later than 3:30 p.m.

    I’ve also suggested she limit her spending, as reminders about the lopsided exchange rate could dangerously inflame the locals.

  • Well, I think froylein was feeling vulnerable and a little neglected, poor thing. It’s dog eat dog in the land of milk and honey (this one, not that one), & pretty tough to deal with NYC full-on and alone, so very alone.

    Anyway, we know Muffti’s all about stiff-upper-lip, atheism etc.

  • That’s a funny way to be put on the hook, Morrissey! You travel somewhere, people can’t make it the hundreds and hundreds of miles away and then they are responsible for your vulnerability???

    Anyhow, it’s a much shorter trip to NYC from Boston than from Muffti or CK’s current location. Which suggests if there is someone who should be on a hook…

  • Sadly, froylein failed to account for the MLB trading deadline, which requires my presence here . Rest assured, though, that if I sense something amiss in one of these hourly phone calls, I’ll be on the first Chinatown bus ($15 one way!) to New Jack City.

  • She also failed to account for Muffti’s being in montreal all July and CK’s living in Israel (not to mention the rest of the gang being scattered!). Accounting failures everywhere. Froylein, you clearely need an accountant.

  • You know… Esther’s gonna be in New York on Thursday… Phoebe LIVES in New York, so does Larry… there’s plenty of Jewliciousness to go around. BUT come August 7th… watch out…

  • Well, you can imagine how those skeletons of the two Canadian men who met a bad end outside a Chelsea nightclub gave poor froylein a fright.

  • When my son lived in Boston commuted between Beantown and NYC via the Chinatown bus.

    A great deal, he said, if you are cool with 4-5 hours of Chinese dramas on the TV and non-stop commentray from the traveling granny-taraiat.

  • ….Not to mention the very real prospect the bus would fall apart at the seams in the passing lane on I-95.

  • Well, you could just take the train. Muffti is told there are an many ways to get from Boston to NYC as there are to skin a cat. And he hates cats.

  • The bus is super-cheap, Muffti. Something like <$30 round trip.

  • The Chinatown bus has its own charms, like suspense. As one local bugle put it recently, it’s a third world country on wheels.

  • The whole town is in lockdown over Manny. People have canceled vacations to be near their loved ones. The don’t-jump-off-the-bridge counselors are working overtime.

    It’s just a tough time right now, sorry.

  • Ahemmm, I’m 29, I’ve been to and survived NYC a gazillion times before. Which won’t keep me from dropping hints of guilt, but still. Also, Larry’s got my number so he may call me if he wishes to. Also, I’ve got a few friends here that have been friends for ten years. Also, I’ve already met DK, HalfSours and EV, all of who are really nice people. Still concerned?