July 4 BBQ

Although the Agriprocessors/Rubashkins scandal seems to have faded from the news fairly quickly–which seems odd to me, since food and the fitness of food is such an obsession of Jews/Judaism–the issue may rear its ugly head again for consumers this weekend, when good patriotic American families everywhere will hold Fourth of July BBQs. According to Avram Lyon, production at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville is way down from the pre-raid level. Not that everyone agrees that the Rubashkins meat was fit to eat in the first place, but where will the masses find their kosher meat for this weekend now? Read more about the current state of things in Postville–and how you can help victims of the raid–in this interview at The Jew and the Carrot.

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And by the way, Jesus:

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  • I dont know about you, but I will be celebrating the 4th like I always do: Family, BBQ (Rubashkins – of course), bonfire. its been a family tradition ever since I was a little kid.

  • What’s the brucha over meat that was produced by abused illegal aliens? Blessed are you, our God, who freed us from bondage so we could take advantage of poor goyim; or, would it be Blessed are you our God who has enabled us to pay 6 times the price for our food to be supervised by people who knowingly used false Social Security numbers for their employees? Maybe Blessed are you are God, please protect us from spending the rest of the day on the toilet due to the unsanitary conditions the cows who this meat is from were slaughtered in…

  • Bilo,
    Never saw you on Jewlicious before…if you are a hired gun from Agri’s PR firm, you suck slaughtered bull cock. Bonfires? That’s Lag Ba Omer asshole.

  • wow, why the hostility Chutzpah? I thought his comment was pretty benign, unless the name Bilo means something which is beyond my grasp.

  • Yoni..I don’t like fake bloggers hired by PR firms, although I definitely see the value of them from a Corporation’s perspective.

    That “Bilo” suddenly showed up with his corny commercial endorsement when he was no where to be found on postings before 5W was retained by Agri was a dead giveaway.

    Rubaskin’s has a way of spelling B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

    P.S. Yoni, if you are also from 5W you also suck slaughtered bull cock, if you are real Jewlicious reader…welcome to the fun!

    Shout out to Jewlicious editors: isn’t there a way to check IP addresses to make sure comments aren’t coming from 5W?

  • The Acme of Passaic/Clifton is still selling copious amounts of Agri products…so typical

  • Chutzpah,

    ok, I hear ya… No I am not a from 5W and I think their tactics are despicable. I have been a Jewlicious reader for quite a while now, don’t post as much as before, but I do dig this place.

  • Thanks for the link to the interview.

    Early in my blogging life (meaning, last year), I got called out by a co-worker for posting an anonymous comment on The Jew & The Carrot. Rookie mistake – or so I thought. It seems that this sort of thing – blog editors/writers commenting anonymously on their own posts – happens pretty frequently, and I personally think it’s a pretty lame tactic to spur on conversation. (Needless to say, I haven’t done it since.) I think paying other people to do that dirty work for you (as Agri is allegedly doing) is even more unfortunate.

    The Jew & The Carrot

  • Nope, sorry I’m not employed by 5w nor was i asked by agri to post. I was just saying that because on july 4th my family would always go out for a BBQ and YES, a bonfire was made for us kids to roast marshmellows and out here in kansas it was hard to get meat other them from Rubashkins.

  • ok…now I know you are from 5W …where did you get your kosher marshmallows from? Did the tornado blow them in with the house that landed on the Witch?

  • I dont get your argument,

    “where did you get your kosher marshmallows from?”

    Where do YOU get YOUR kosher marshmallows from?

    um… the store?

  • Bilo, I think Chutzpah wanted to point out that most marshmallows are made with gelatin or emulsifiers that aren’t considered kosher.

  • except on passover where suddenly one can find massive amounts of gelatin free kosher marshmallows. I mean if they are available on Passover, surely they can be purchased the rest of the year from somewhere, right?

  • A mashgiach I know told me the emulsifiers used in such products (which usually are OU) didn’t live up to the stricter standards.

  • I don’t eat that sugary crap anyway. So I don’t care. But in any case, OU is plenty fine for me.

  • I’m not letting this issue go all that easily…and yes, thank you froylein. If you had trouble getting kosher meat in your hood in kansas, youcertainly weren’t going to be able to find kosher marshmellows in July that easily.

    Here’s a little ditty for the Rubashkin’s to play while figuring out their next PR moves:

    Original Yiddish

    Oyfn furl ligt dos kelbl,
    Ligt gebundn mit a shtrik.
    Hoykh in himl flit dos shvelbl,
    Freyt zikh, dreyt zikh hin un tsrik.

    Lakht der vint in korn,
    Lakht un lakht un lakht,
    Lakht er op a tog a gantsn
    Mit a halber nakht.
    Dona, dona, dona, …

    Shrayt dos kelbl, zogt der poyer:
    Ver zhe heyst dikh zayn a kalb?
    Volst gekent dokh zayn a foygl,
    Volst gekent dokh zayn a shvalb.


    Bidne kelber tut men bindn
    Un men shlept zey un men shekht,
    Ver s’hot fligl, flit aroyftsu,
    Iz bay keynem nit keyn knekht.