There have been much anticipated publishing dates in the recent history of publishing. Bill Clinton’s memoirs commanded much attention. The final book of Harry Potter had kids camping out in line. The new tell-all book about Hans Solo and Chewbacka.

In just a few weeks, on September 1, Lisa Alcalay Klug’s Cool Jew is officially in stores. The book “decodes contemporary Judaism and its hippest forms of cultural and creative expression. Spanning 250 pages and nearly 400 images, it covers everything from identity, rituals, clothing and cuisine, to holidays, spirituality, diversity, and language.”

Cool Jew, in a little research we conducted the last two weekends, has brought people to hysterical fits of laughter. You can’t help yourself, because she is a such a keen and humorous observer. The book is also packed with helpful information about the coolest who, what and where in the Jewish world today. Its a book for all ages – for real.

Lisa will be offering a Sneak Preview of Cool Jew at our Love Fest Party, August 14, in LA. That’s right- you can buy Cool Jew and get it autographed before the big stores have it, before anynone else has it.

BTW Lisa is known to Jewlicious as the author of an amazing piece in the SF Chronicle, as the talented Shacharit/yoga teacher, an entertaining and interesting presenter, and most recently a member of the blog team.

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