love festBefore speed dating, J-Date, Valentines Day or Sadie Hawkins Day, there was the original ancient Love Holiday -Tu B’Av. Jewish maidelach and suitors went out into the fields to see and be seen, really, the first Jewish singles event. It’s a celebration of love for everyone.

Tu B’Av, the 15th Day of Av, is a day of joy, a day for matchmaking dating back to the second Temple period (before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.).

Jewlicious and JconnectLA are producing the biggest celebration of Tu B’Av to hit the City of Angels, Love Fest, on Aug. 14, 8:30pm-1am, at Fu’s Palace Restaurant. Tickets are just $15 in advance, $20 at the door and include your first drink ticket. Students with ID can get in for $15.

Co-sponsored by Taglit Birthright Israel-NEXT, Jewcy, the Jewish Agency,, and Cool Jew Book, expect a festive romantic evening of music, humor, matchmaking, cool swag, $7 drinks, and yummy eats.

Entertainment for the evening includes the hilarious and talented Smooth-E, Jewish rockers 8th Day, the mystic rhythms of DJ Eric Rosen, and the unmatched energy and spirit of MOSHAV.

Lisa Alcalay Klug will be offering a sneak preview of her much anticipated book Cool Jew, which is not for sale until Sept. 1 – but we’ll have it on sale at Love Fest.

Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein will be unveiling Instant Matchmakingâ„¢. Love Fest’ers need to be there early to have your chance at an Instant Match – all done in the spirit of Tu B’Av. Who knows what waits in store for you at Love Fest?

If you already have a special someone, celebrate your love during this ancient festival, with hundreds of others at Love Fest. Don’t let Love Fest pass you by, it only happens once a year.

For tickets go to today!

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Rabbi Yonah


  • I’d love to see more events like this. It’s difficult to meet attractive Jewish women in regular nightlife settings when one has to wade through the filth of Gentile society. It actually makes me sick even thinking about it. Physically sick.

    I want my heritage to be preserved in its pureness, not watered down by the mentally deficient gene pool of the unclean goyim. Every time I see or hear of a fellow Jew marrying or dating an unworthy (non-Jewish) partner, I feel immense sadness because our greatness is diluted. This newfound acceptance of marrying non-Jews threatens to undo the more than two millennia of greatness, history and superiority that separates us from the lesser peoples of this earth.

  • I am not sure that is the compliment we wanted. Marrying Jewish is not a genetic decision, Jews are not a race, and your post could be mistaken for a comment on Stormfront. Even if written in jest, it kind of makes me ill.

  • Hey Rabbi Yonah, How have you been?

    Thanks for cutting him off….

    he might as well have said we drink babies blood…

    //on the off chance he is Jewish…. you need to sit him for a long talk about bigotry.

  • Muffti looked all over for a clip in the simpsons where they invent ‘Love Day’ but couldn’t find it. So go watch the episode ‘trash of the titans’ and laugh a little.

  • I’ll fly out for it you all invite John Edwards’ girlfriend.

  • Rabbi Yonah is right. That comment is offensive and not even close to being funny. It is just wrong.