Blame it on the Jews.

The House could not pass a bill to resuscitate the ailing dead credit markets, and both Dems and Republicans included a rushed schedule on account of the High Holidays, in their litany of reasons that the bill didn’t make it. That’s nice and helpful. The credit crisis has been on the horizon for over a year, and the politicians cant do a thing, and somehow, it’s because tonight is Rosh Hashanah can be partially to blame. Amazing.

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  • The formula doesn’t fail, once things get bad, someone will start blaming the Jews. The past 8 years it was not different. 9/11? Jews, Iraq War? Jews, Economic Meltdown? Jews…luckily, Michael “doing a heck of a job” Brownie from FEMA was not a Jew or else Katrina would have been the Jews fault too.

  • One day in, and absolutely nothing to report on the Jew-baiting front. But hey, there’s always tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

  • I heard Pelosi specifically mention Rosh Hashanah and blaming it on people wanting to leave. Which Republicans blamed it on the Jews again?

  • Looks like the Dems voting against included some non-Jews… fancy that.