From a European perspective, I can understand why some readers claim that coverage of current US politics has been somewhat unbalanced. I won’t endorse either Presidential candidate or the other as I believe all this public endorsement is utter shtuss and the desperate attempt of celebrities to either appear on the media again or appear intellectual. A voter should be motivated by his conviction and his conscience, not by what people say that need stylists to dress well enough to drive around the corner to buy coffee in a paper cup.

So, for all aspiring political analysts, donkphants, and simply people with a wicked sense of humour: The Idiossey

A virtual pickled herring goes to Mohammed for bringing the above article to my attention.
Here’s your herring: >-< <>>

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  • please explain to me the full meaning and complete etymology as well as alternative pronunciations of the word “shtuss”

  • Want it from books or will my memory suffice for you? I’ll try to get phonetic script on here; there’s actually only one pronunciation for the word.

  • Froylein – do you have any good crepe/blintz variations?
    I dug out some old crepe recipes and my kids are getting into it.

  • Certainly, BD, you can mix the flour with whole wheat if you want to give them more fibre. Takes more liquid and longer resting time though. I like crepes with parsley (in the dough) and a creamy mushroom filling (for an easy one, use canned mushrooms, a little instant cream-of-mushroom soup powder, and a little water or milk; use mushrooms, some potato starch, a little salt and pepper for a parve version). Courgettes (zucchini) and tomato fillings also work well. Pan-fry chopped onions and cubed courgette till “glassy”, add tomatoes (plus a little sugar / sweetener for canned ones), thicken with some concentrated tomato paste and bring to the boil. Take off the cooker. Add a little salt and herbs of choice (fresh basil is best; it grows like foam, and you can easily dry it yourself for supply; dried marjory and oregano also work). I also add habanera sauce to that mix. Also goes well with pasta, rice and / or grilled meats, bread even. Another savoury spread suggestion is to pan-fry onion rings till brown and mix with some cream cheese. You can also do a curry powder / pineapple chunks / cream cheese mix for something exotic. And of course there always are French chestnut puree (highly aromatic, but very rich, so sparse use is recommended) and Nutella. Jams of all kinds are pretty common with crepes, too. If you want something fresher for the kids, just puree fresh fruit with a dab of lemon juice, a little sugar and a teaspoon full of potato starch. The result is more liquid than jam, but way more fruity and less sugary. Many people also eat all kinds of compote with crepes, but that might get messy.

  • Thanks – and don’t worry – we’ve already got the Nutella angle covered.
    And I mean covered – faces, shirts, etc.
    It’s a lot of fun to cook with kids…

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