Sometimes we get so bogged down with the halachic minutiae of a mitzvoh that we totally lose sight of our connection with Hashem, the One who commanded that we perform the mitzvoh in the first place.

Hence, in this parsha Ki Savo it explains, that a person who brings his first-ripened offering has to state out loud, that he has not forgotten Hashem Who has commanded that we do the mitzvoh.

We sometimes get so involved in a mitzvoh (commandment) that we forget the M’tza’veh (the one who gave the command). (Sfas Emes) From Zvi Akiva Fleisher

Sometimes I get so bogged down in the cacophony of news that I loose track of my Commander in Chief, and what the Commander asked of me to do. Thankfully it is Elul, and I can retool, reorganize, gets things straighted out. It’s time to remember what I am doing here in the first place.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • um, i agree, but it really weirds me out that you refer to Hashem the way the army refers to George W Bush. Chas v’sholom they should be conflated.

    in gerangl, kavod un frayhayt,

    Eliyahu HaNovi

  • Hashem is the king of kings who knows what a king is anymore? We have to live with the times. He is the Commander in the Cheif. Guess what? There was a Commander in Cheif before Bush to make such a silly connection, and there will be one after.

    Silly comment.