Larry Kroon—Sarah Palin’s Church Pastor— was hesitant in this interview, hesitant to throw his support behind Israel, and as many Christians wants Jews to buy into JC.

Brother Nathanael Kapner: “Do you support the current State of Israel?”

Pastor Larry Kroon: “I believe that God has a special plan for the Jews. However, I cannot say whether or not the current State of Israel is part of that plan…. The fact that Jews have been preserved over the centuries shows that God has a plan for them. That plan, as I understand Scriptures, is that they also are included in all peoples, tongues, and nations, who will embrace Jesus Christ.”

His Wasilla Bible Church’s website contains all his sermons for the last couple of years. Especially noteworthy is the speech by the head of Jews for Jesus who spoke just a couple of weeks ago.

The JTA has a lengthy post about Palin and the Jews.

No matter what her Pastor says, and as much as you can bear to listen to his sermons online, its Palin’s own record which matters most. That’s my next post.

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  • I’m all ears. I’ve been searching around for your analysis of Rev Wright and Father Pfleiger’s sermons but I’m not having any luck with your search. I also missed any commentary on Biden and the Jews but I’d be glad to check it out if you can send me a link. I’m as shocked as you that Christians want Jews to be Christians. Shocked I tell you! 🙂

  • Rabbi, rabbi, rabbi…. What in the world do you want? The viewpoint you’ve quoted? Or the one that says, Israel brings us all one day closer to the apocalypse? He’s not even saying, we’ve got to evangelize the Jews. Instead, he’s suggesting the Almighty will work it out in the end.


  • You guys are aware of the comment made by the preacher who told Palin that suicide bombings are G-d’s judgment against Jews for not accepting Christ, right?

    When someone appropriates Palestinian terrorists into the Almighty’s plans, I’d say that’s a pretty clear judgment and one that Jews should be concerned about, Tom. But maybe that’s just me. I’m a mighty silly person that way.

  • Sooner or later, I predict it’s going to be too difficult to avoid the conclusion that we’re best off marginalizing these wingnuts and finally banishing them from our political discourse. To do so requires voting against Republicans. Sorry about that. But it looks like that’s just the way it’s gonna have to be.

    There will be many allies of many faiths and of no faith at all in this process.