Blame it on the increase of my work hours by 40%, the gazillion apples our trees have produced this autumn or my reluctance to leave a video reply (and my, did ck beg…): rather a tad late than never, I’d like to wish everybody a good new year. Hope you’ll be able to make a few of your dreams come true, at the very least buy a few pairs of awe-inspiring shoes. (Hey, I’m female! No matter how crappy my day has been, I can open my shoe cabinet and think to myself, “Well, life sucks, but my shoes do rock.”) Keep in mind, even if not everything works out as planned, you’re still better off than six billion other people.

This apple tarte’s for my sonny for simply making my day with his very sweet and flattering appraisal a couple of weeks ago . But let’s get to the fact that a car got into the wrong lane and almost caused a full-frontal collision while I was riding my motorbike (would likely have left me looking like that apple tarte though none of you would really know). It’s times like these when I feel grateful that there are lawyers who specialise in motorcycle injuries so I can get some justice if it ever does happen.
Thankfully, I was wearing my helment, so if anything was to happen, I know I would have been protected. I know so many people that ride motorbikes and don’t wear any form of protective gear. Whether you’re travelling 5 miles of 100 miles, the safety of yourself and others should be on the top of your list. Before I got on the road, I was recommeneded into looking into the UKs leading review site for motorbike gear, which made the decision of what to buy a lot easier. Now when I ride my bike, apart from that near collision, I always feel safe and comfortable which is the main thing. Speaking of making a decision, if you’re looking to become an owner of a motorbike but are not in the best situation financially, looking into something like bad credit bike finance from Superbike Loans may help you see how you can work around it in the best way possible. Having a motorbike is cool, but knowing how to stay safe while on the road is just as important.

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