Sarah Silverman makes me laugh. I love her. I want her to bear my children. In any case, you’ve all heard about The Great Shlep right? Young Jews from all across the US will fly down to Florida in order to convince their stupid, ignorant, addle minded Grandparents to vote for Obama. Now, despite the fact that I’ve been accused of being a Canadian/Israeli agent provocateur on behalf of the Obama campaign… is it just me or does it seem like this video makes this whole pro-Obama initiative seem kinda, I don’t know… asshole-ish? Is that even a word? You get my point though, right?

The Jewish vote for Obama according to several polls is at around 60%. Ordinarily a Democratic presidential candidate ought to enjoy about 72% support. That 12% difference has been attributed to rumors that Obama is anti-Israel (despite the fact that AIPAC no less has given him a perfect score with reference to his record on Israel), a Muslim (he’s not, and even if he was, that ought not be relevant), a supporter of the PLO etc. etc. However, this whole campaign seems premised on the notion that Bubbe and Zaiyde, without whom you’d be nothing, are total idiots. It’s kind of disrespectful frankly. And this video so clearly demonstrates the white-liberal angst, the bubble headed, substance-free optimism that are symptomatic of the most unappealing aspects of the Obama campaign.

I mean shit, you want to do something to improve race relations in America? Leave Nana alone and invite an African American over for dinner. What? The closest African American lives an hour away from you? Ahem. ‘Nuff said. This vid made me laugh. Hard. But probably for all the wrong reasons.

PS: A visit to the Grandparents is always a nice gesture. But no need to go overboard. Even if your Grandparents stipulate in their will that you won’t get any money if you marry a non-Jew, that clause has been found to be unenforceable! But shhhh… don’t tell them. And when you do visit, tell Chris to stay at home…

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Sarah Silverman is a nitwit and has always been. A poor representative of Jewish females in the least. A typical dumb American Jew.

  • I don’t understand why it’s disrespectful to challenge anyone, grandparent or not, on the perils of voting against Obama because he’s black, falsely alleged to be Muslim, falsely alleged to be anti-Israel/pro-PLO, etc. You wouldn’t want to encourage your grandparents to look incredibly foolish (which they had an unfortunate habit of doing nationally when they accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000).

    It seems to me that all campaigns, especially successful ones, have incorporated a degree of substance-free optimism into their operations. It’s hokey but better than substance-free pessimism.

    And I’m not sure that making you more than “nothing” was a very conscious decision on the part of one’s grandparents. I mean, they did decide to reproduce and procreate (something a dog can do), but I’ll assume they didn’t arrange your parents’ marriage. Nor did they require you to abide by some eternally-fixed decision-making process, or have 100% control over the development of your own character.

    It’s hard for me to relate to the idea of growing up with parents who would never want or appreciate a good political or intellectual challenge. And I think successful societies and cultures pay as much heed listening to the youngest among them as they would listening to the wisest (who might incidentally be some of the oldest) among them. But I’m resistant to the idea that age and/or procreative experience alone bestows wisdom and righteousness onto someone.

    Is that so wrong?

    Granted, I haven’t watched the video yet and am of the belief that Silverman is sometimes more interested in conveying bubbly and naively delivered shock material than in dispensing comedic gold, let alone true wisdom.

  • Where in the Torah does it say it’s OK to criticize the Messiah?

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  • Oh DARN.. You beat me to it.. I was waiting for their video release this morning… Thanks for adding it

  • That’s a good point, Tom. We should be restricted to voting for people who consistently humiliate themselves through the criticism bred of their severe and incredibly evident inadequacies. Competence=Messianism. Or something like that. Or salvation from incompetence=Messianism. Yep. That’s how it goes.

  • Ok, that’s it, for once and for all, what does “schlep” mean?

  • Sarah Silverman is always hilarious.

    Jewish Mathchmaking

    ed note: spamming the comments section however, is never funny. Besides we have rel=nofollow set up. You get zero points with Google. Why bother man?

  • “typical dumb American Jew”… ouch… Well, I like her, and I loved the video. If all American’s were as “dumb” as Sarah, Jewish or not, maybe we non-americans, Jewish or not, would like Americans a little more. By the way, what are you Alex?

  • Sarah Silverman and 200,000 yelling Germans in Berlin can’t be wrong.

  • Ok, that’s it, for once and for all, what does “schlep” mean?

    Hila, “shlepn” means “to drag” (more closely, it means to drag something behind you that is in some way connected to your body e.g. by a rope), but it doesn’t make any sense in this context as you can shlep an object but not a person (unless a cadaver), particularly not yourself.

  • That was hilarious. Track suits, Cadillacs, jewelry. I see.

    It reminds me of the SNL skit where Eddie Murphy plays Jessie Jackson trying to win back the Jewish vote after referring to New York in derogatory terms: “Don’t let me down, Hymietown.”

    We both have so much in common,

    ’cause we’ve both been so oppressed.

    We both have big noses,

    and gold chains on our chest.

    Thank G-d for this. YouTube sucks.

  • Schlep also means to tavel a distance as in “Oy! I had to schlep out to the fucking Talpiot industrial sector of Jerusalem twice in two days!”

  • Interesting user who uploaded the video I linked. It probably didn’t even dawn on the nutbar why the video was funny. I just linked the first one I could find. Apologies if the nutbar ruins your enjoyment of it!

  • MUL: You know… I went to your podblanc link. here’s the message that i got:

    “You have been blacklisted from Podblanc most likely due to malicious activity on your part, as a part of an offending subnet, or you are from a nationality we don’t want here.”

    I’ve never been on Podblanc before so does that mean that as an Israeli I am from a nationality they “don’t want here?”


  • Unfortunately, something like that could be the case, ck. It seems to be a site somewhat like YouTube, but NBC and other networks almost always pull their materials from YouTube. So when I GOOGLED “Eddie Murphy Hymietown Jessie Jackson” I found the video on that site (and no others, not Google Videos or anything) and it played immediately upon my hitting the button – much to my amusement and fond memories.

    My apology came three minutes later after I noticed the user had a suspicious symbol on his/her personal info, and went by the name “Heimdall”. Then I saw that “Heimdall” has a “rank” of “Ubermogul” and linked to other nutbars. Suspecting that “Heimdall” was just an individual nutbar, (most of his/her videos were flat-out racist/anti-Semitic), I tried going to other users, who didn’t seem much better. And alas, confirming my suspicions, when I went to the home page, the same stupid catchphrase, “white now”, appeared. So it appears they’re some sort of Neo Nazi outfit.

    In any event, the video itself is hilarious. It’s just too bad that the only place I can seem to find it, other than paying $20+ to purchase The Best of Saturday Night Live: Eddie Murphy, was from a bunch of retarded and likely Euro Neo Nazis who don’t even understand the humor.

    Sorry they barred you but what do they know.

  • “Schlep also means to tavel a distance as in “Oy! I had to schlep out to the fucking Talpiot industrial sector of Jerusalem twice in two days!”

    I think the implication is still drag. In other words, “I had to drag myself there.” The distance just makes it harder to drag your poor tired self.

    More on topic, I simply can’t watch this video, I really loathe Sarah Silverman. So many people have sent me this, though, that I kind of wish there was a transcript so I could know what she was saying without actually having to watch her.

    But it couldn’t make your grandparents look more idiotic than they made themselves look in this Times article:

    And what, Steve gets called on spamming but no words for Michael Stone? 😀

  • Well, we could always try to shut the bastards down by encouraging a massive series of copyright infringement lawsuits.

  • BrazilianJew,

    Tudo Boa. I am an American Jew from the Soviet Union, or a Russian Jew. I was lucky to choose a party rather than have one handed down to me, and I chose neither. I’ve visited the fringe left in my youth and have been kicking myself over that for years. However, it provided me with great insight into the way I was expected to think; by my peers, professors, and others in our community. Once I matured I noticed just how extreme I was and now see that type of behavior in those that I like to refer to as Dumb American Jews. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Dumb Russian Jews as well as dumb people of all religions, races, nationalities. etc. I don’t think every Jew that is a liberal or Democrat is dumb either. Some of the most intelligent Jews I know are and I respect them deeply. But sh!t-stirrers, hypocrites, and/or egotistical ignoramuses like Silverman, Streisand, Soros, Stewart, Pink, Portman, etc., who go out of their way into partisanship, act condescending to those that don’t agree, and assume all that don’t agree are just dumb redneck rubes or moose hunting criminals get under my last nerve and make me question the intelligence and ethics I think we as a people both inherited and try to instill in our future generations.

    Personally, as an American, I don’t mind being disliked by much of the world. I wear it as a badge of honor. I don’t admire humanity, I admire certain humans. Existence isn’t a popularity contest and I doubt that a majority of the world’s peoples are intelligent enough that I’d care for their opinion. Do I care that a bunch of car swarming hoards who tear out their victim’s flesh with their bare hands dislike me? Does it bother me that the people who defended and spied for a country that brutally oppressed our people think I’m a Rethuglican? These things don’t bother me. Our country leaning towards a failed socialized system years after Europe is learning its lessons bothers me. That Larry King asks Ahmadinejad about his kids and what type of watch he’s wearing, when this piece of dirt has threatened all of our families in Israel, considers him a filthy son of a monkey and a pig, all the while cursing his country as the “great satan that will crumble” bothers me. That a smooth talking lightweight who fits the Utopian fantasy of an ideal multicultural society is ogled and masturbated over, while having NO record of any accomplishment (Gardens in Chicago anyone?) and a whole bunch of anti-American and anti-Semitic friends and associates, can lull a complacent and biased media and his obligatory supporters with empty rhetoric like “yes we can” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” bothers me.

  • Um, what if Bubbie and Zaidye are in fact more knowledgeable and wiser than their stupid, over-privileged grand-children, that haven’t seen shiite, and they’re actually trying to warn them of the perils of overconfidence, “multiculturalism”, and a deep naivete that is wreckless. Sure, I should listen to someone that sings about f+cking Matt Damon over people who may have survived the Great Depression and/or the Shoah. Do any of you die-hards ever question that you may be wrong politically speaking, or is condescension and arrogance over your open-mindedness the way you keep yourselves convinced?

  • Thanks for the explanations, I feel much smarter now.

    Well, I think I better schlep myself to bed now cause I have to get up in five hours to work. Night!

  • “oy” is “yo” when reading from left to right! Silverman get the “always hilarious” vote from me.

  • Yo Alex, so you dig bigotry over multi-culturalism her in the U.S.A.? Oy!

  • Absolutely not. There’s a difference between multiculturalism in practice and the ideal as described by the proponents of “Multiculturalism” here and abroad. In fact, having a first Black President isn’t the most important virtue, it’s treating everyone equally and with fairness, unconditional of their race, age, sex, etc. Unfortunately, our media and a lot of self-described objective people forget this when they use Obama’s race(s) as a reason to vote him and interview him with kid’s gloves.

    (By the way, did anyone forget that he would actually be the first Multi-Racial President or is identity politics too rewarding to drop?)

  • Hey, hymies! Niggaz make fun of ur cheap nation (how to fit 40 jews in a car? – Throw a quarter in it) and u vote for them)) Nice)) You like to eat shit, don`t u?))

    – Don’t let me down – No, no
    – Don’t let me down – No, no, no, no
    Don’t let me down…
    Hymietown, well, well Hymietown…
    I was your one and only until I read the news
    Well, now I’m sad and lonely since I put down the Jews
    We have so much in common
    ‘Cause we’ve both been so oppressed
    All right
    We both have big noses
    And gold chains on our chests
    I wanna say please now
    – Don’t let me down – I’m begging you, please
    – Don’t let me down – I’m down on my knees, well
    – Don’t let me down – Hymietown
    Hymietown, well, well… Hymietown…
    I want to form a new coalition,
    of soul people and bagel people.
    From the Chitlin’ District, to the Diamond District.
    From catfish to gefilte fish.
    We all need to live as one.
    I want to look out over the crowd and see both leather hats
    and yarmulkes side by side.
    So come on, you brothers and sisters…
    all you hymies and hymettes…
    – Let’s get it together. – Yeah!
    Let’s bring it all down, well, well, well
    I wanna talk about love for one another
    Want to form a soul and kosher coalition
    I love those black suits you wear
    And them little tiny curls that hang down in your hair
    You know we all need one another
    I want to stay right here in Hymietown, well, well
    With all my hymie brothers and sisters
    Sometimes I feel a little hymie myself
    Baruch ata adonai

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