Sarah Silverman makes me laugh. I love her. I want her to bear my children. In any case, you’ve all heard about The Great Shlep right? Young Jews from all across the US will fly down to Florida in order to convince their stupid, ignorant, addle minded Grandparents to vote for Obama. Now, despite the fact that I’ve been accused of being a Canadian/Israeli agent provocateur on behalf of the Obama campaign… is it just me or does it seem like this video makes this whole pro-Obama initiative seem kinda, I don’t know… asshole-ish? Is that even a word? You get my point though, right?

The Jewish vote for Obama according to several polls is at around 60%. Ordinarily a Democratic presidential candidate ought to enjoy about 72% support. That 12% difference has been attributed to rumors that Obama is anti-Israel (despite the fact that AIPAC no less has given him a perfect score with reference to his record on Israel), a Muslim (he’s not, and even if he was, that ought not be relevant), a supporter of the PLO etc. etc. However, this whole campaign seems premised on the notion that Bubbe and Zaiyde, without whom you’d be nothing, are total idiots. It’s kind of disrespectful frankly. And this video so clearly demonstrates the white-liberal angst, the bubble headed, substance-free optimism that are symptomatic of the most unappealing aspects of the Obama campaign.

I mean shit, you want to do something to improve race relations in America? Leave Nana alone and invite an African American over for dinner. What? The closest African American lives an hour away from you? Ahem. ‘Nuff said. This vid made me laugh. Hard. But probably for all the wrong reasons.

PS: A visit to the Grandparents is always a nice gesture. But no need to go overboard. Even if your Grandparents stipulate in their will that you won’t get any money if you marry a non-Jew, that clause has been found to be unenforceable! But shhhh… don’t tell them. And when you do visit, tell Chris to stay at home…

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